Veterinarians Answers 8 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

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It is no secret that there are always questions we would love to ask the veterinarian about our cats. But purrhaps you’re embarrassed to ask? Maybe you don’t even own a cat, but you’re still as curious as they are. Well, today you will get answers to 8 of those questions!

Veterinarian answers some of the questions that we may feel silly asking.

Question Number 1:

Are cats drawn to people who are allergic to them?

“Contrary to popular belief, cats cannot sniff out people who are allergic to them,” said Rover Veterinarian Gary Richter.

People with allergies tend to ignore or avoid the cat in the room. Because of this, the cats natural fear of an unfamiliar person if greatly reduced. Since the cat is comfortable, it will probably approach that person first to seek out attention.

Question Number 2:

Can you give your cat too much catnip?

“Some felines seem to lose control when they are around catnip. Fortunately, the plant isn’t harmful to or addictive for cats”.

With this is mind, you should know that it is possible for your cat to begin to feel nauseous or become irritable if given too much. Catnip takes over their olfactory senses and that is why they go “crazy” over it. When inhaled, it acts as a stimulant. On the other hand, when they ingest it, it acts as a sedative!

Question Number 3:

Can you really train your cat to use a toilet?

“It is possible to train a cat to use a toilet, but the drawbacks may outweigh the benefits of being able to flush your cat’s waste away,” said veterinarian Megan Teiber.

In the event that the cat was to develop a urinary tract infection, you would be less likely to pick up on the change in urination habits. On top of that, what would happen if you or your loved one were to leave the toilet seat down? Close the bathroom door? Or the toilet was already in use? You may end up cleaning up some accidents around the house.

Question Number 4:

Can cats tell if someone is pregnant?

Cats simply have an amazing sense of smell and can read your body language better than others.

“During pregnancy, woman experience profound changes in the hormone levels which can affect their personal scent, so cats can understand that something is changing based on the new smell,” explained Richter.

With a higher body temperature, you may notice that your cat snuggles with you more frequently. No surprise since cats enjoy warmth!

Question Number 5:

Are male cats more friendly than female cats?

“Although male cats have a reputation for being more companionable than female cats, there aren’t significant personality differences between the two,” said veterinarian Megan Teiber.

Many people believe that male cats are typically more affectionate than females. Truthfully, cats are all as individual as you and I! There are no clear differences that back this theory up.

Question Number 6:

Is it okay that you only feed your cat dry food?

“Some cats do fine when eating only dry food. However, wet cat foods are generally higher in protein and are always higher in moisture than dry foods, which more closely matches feline nutritional needs,” said veterinarian and advisor at Pet Life Today, Jennifer Coates.

By adding some wet food to your cats’ diet, you can possibly avoid chronic dehydration which often leads to a plethora of health issues. It’s not a bad habit to add additional water to their food either.

Tooth decay, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections are just a few of those health issues that could occur. Should you wish to continue with an all dry food diet, it is best to feed multiple small meals throughout the day rather than leaving a bowl down all the time.

Question Number 7:

If you spay/neuter your cat, does it change how friendly they are?

Even though it may appear that a female in friendlier following her spay surgery, the spay itself actually changes nothing behaviorally.

“Prior to being spayed, female cats frequently cycle in and out of heat, so their energy is often focused on mating. Once they are spayed, they may be able to relax and focus more attention on their human companions,” said veterinarian Megan Teiber.

For male cats, they may spray less and appear less aggressive, but the neuter has nothing to do with the overall personality of the cat. Simply put, it is all about the upbringing and their genetics. However, the levels of testosterone unaltered males can reach, will affect their aggression. 

Question Number 8:

How do you know if your cat is overweight?

Being overweight can put your cat in serious danger of developing chronic health issues.

“When looking down on them from above, overweight cats lack a discernable waist. Looking from the side, an overweight cat’s belly is closer to the ground than it is to the chest,” said Jennifer Coates.

Another great way to tell if your cat is overweight, is the inability to feel the last few ribs by running your hands lightly down their sides.

Be sure to share these ameowzing answers with everyone to help dispel feline myths! 


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