Have You Ever Seen Two Cuter Bonded Brother Kittens?

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When you or your family decide to add a pet to your home, there are MANY things to consider. Do you have other animals that will need to get along with your new fur-kid? Are you home a lot or do you spend most days out? What is the level of play activity that you’ll be able to provide to keep your pet healthy and entertained? Many don’t consider a unique situation that can help with all of these questions…bonded siblings! 

So if you happen to be in the Northern Illinois area and want to welcome two of the cutest bonded brother kitties ever, here you go! 

These two fluffy nuggets are in the loving care of our friends at Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc in Crystal Lake, IL. Meet Louie and Tucker! 

The brothers are about 4 1/2 months old and happily learning how to cat together in one of their experienced foster homes. Fortunately, their foster parents are always ready with the camera in hand. 

“The common stereotype of the cat as an anti-social loner is far from universally true, and in fact, cats generally prefer companionship to solitude,” says the Tree House Humane Society. “Strong emotional bonds are often formed between litter mates and cats that have relied upon each other in the wild.”

What’s even more heartwarming, is that bonded cats don’t need to be litter mates! Clearly Louie and Tucker are cut from the same cloth.

Bonded pairs reflect the natural instinct of felines to form a pack. Cats may be known as aloof, but they are basically social creatures. Like their ancestors in the wild, cats thrive in a pack where there is a stable social structure that provides comfort and security. Interestingly, the bond doesn’t have to be familial. Bonded pairs can be siblings, but don’t have to be related at all.

But what exactly makes these two brothers bonded? 

Bonded animals are those that form a tight bond to one another. And it can actually be detrimental to separate them. When this bond forms, the two will usually sleep by each other, play and generally remain in the vicinity of each other. 

You may have noticed that there are felines who do not enjoy the company of other cats, and some even struggle to be in the same vicinity as other cats. However some cats form very strong bonds and become what is generally known as a bonded pair of cats. These cats become dependent on each other, and to ensure their happiness (and even health) must be adopted together.

This is not to say that bonded pairs don’t take time to themselves, and just like human siblings, there may be fights, and even times when they avoid one another all together.

There are cats that live in the same household for years and simply co-exist, and then there are bonded pairs that are inseparable. It is very important for rescuers to know when two cats from the same home can be adopted out separately, and when they must go together.

Adopters that are open to welcoming this bonded brother duo or another, are very important to match these animals with. 

Keeping the kittens, in this case, together may just actually save their lives…again. Animals are lucky enough to be pulled from the streets or rescued. But then sit in shelters longer because it’s hard enough to adopt out the MILLIONS of animals rescued a year, let alone two. 

Adopters routinely ask why do they have to be adopted together? 

When a bonded pair is separated, it can actually lead to numerous behavioral issues.

Separating a bonded pair is very traumatic on the cat. They will mourn the loss of their companion, they can become depressed, and even develop behavioural issues.

“Simply put, 2 cats that will be incomplete without each other are a bonded pair,” says Daniel Quagliozzi of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “In some cases, they are un-adoptable on their own. The pain of being on their own makes their behavior regress. And their life condition take a turn for the worse. Illness, depression and a lack of socialization will soon take over, leaving no inkling of the cats they once were together.”

So when two utterly adorable kittens like this can show the world that sometimes “the more, the merrier”, we need to spread the word. 

Louie and Tucker will be up for adoption in the next few weeks. And we can’t WAIT to see who will be lucky times two!

Please follow Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc for more of their amazing rescue work and life altering kitty transFURmations. 


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