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Hilarious Insights Into Foster Cat & Kittens Silly Faces, Goofy Antics & Deep Thoughts, Shared By Their Human Servants

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Each week, I search through dozens of foster parents social media profiles. There are hundreds of news stories and thousands of loving cat “tails”. It’s here I discover the amazing, heartwarming and tear-jerking stories for our website. It is also where I have spent too many hours sucked into hilarious and goofy posts.

Who can deny fluffy little foster cat and kitten faces?! These foster parents tell the honest life of a rescuer. Each days successes, failures and trying moments are shared. This is a hard life. It’s a life that requires the ability to laugh at the difficult moments and enjoy the little things. The rest of us fall in love with the felines, from tiny neonates to the special senior cats.

If you’re deep in the foster lifestyle, or have ever been around a cat, you’re likely going to enjoy these delightfully goofy posts. 

Looking into a cats eyes, it’s almost as if you are looking directly at each others souls. For some, this glimpse into their true nature can be not as peaceful as expected. Others, they can’t seem to hide their desire for adventure, shenanigans, and their complete awe at the mysteries of life. 

When there are multiple goofy kittens in a home all learning how to “cat” together, the lessons can get a bit messy! 

Rudy’s super adorable I’m-pooping-and-you-have-no-idea face. 

Photo: @fosterkittenlove


Then there are the days that even the most simple task takes maximum effort. 

In many foster homes, they have furry siblings to support them too. They then have another soul to experience cute milestones, and most importantly, cat nap with! 


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