Neonatal Kittens Wearing Hoodies Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Neonatal kittens come with a whole host of special issues and requirements. If they are alone or abandoned, feeding them is usually the first thing people think of. But in order to properly digest this life saving nutrition, kittens can NOT be cold. Once the babes are fed, happy and content they can settle. However, a second issue may occur when the kittens go looking for more food and instead of finding a mama to nurse from, they attempt to suckle the nearest thing…the other kittens! There are a few things rescuers can do to assist with these, but there is one genius idea that solves both obstacles. And for one organization in Brevard County, Florida, they have designed the cutest version ever to help the babies conquer these hurdles.

Introducing the cutest little kitten hoodie there ever was! 

You had Me at MEOW, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer cat/kitten rescue that is apparently also home to fashion designers. Now, I myself have created “sock onesies” for kittens who are too small for cones after their spay/neuter surgery. What I never realized though, was HOW cute simply using the heel of the sock would be for a hood!

It began when the rescue took in 5 bottle babies on Sunday, August 15th. 

The kittens were only about 2 weeks old and once they determined their sexes, they were given their names. Meet gals Olivia, Olive and Olga. 

And boys Oreo and Oliver. 

The furry family has settled into their new foster home happily. Comfy bedding provides just the right amount of fluff that can’t be found in their siblings. I’d be happy to wiggle right into that cute pile!

We all know how cozy it can be snuggling up in a warm hoodie on a cold fall night. But remember, bottle baby kittens need this to survive. 

We cannot overemphasize the need for a heat source in orphaned kittens. The queen would have provided a nice 100 – 103oF (38 – 39oC) environment for them. Continue to provide a heat source for orphaned kittens until four to six weeks of age.

Although kittens over four weeks old may start avoiding the warmed bed, if the room is cool, even older kittens will seek out a warm spot. For this reason, as well as for socialization, consider appropriately pairing new single kittens of the same age so they can share body heat and be less likely to experience hypothermia.

What’s NOT the cutest thing that neonatal kittens do though, is the suckling on one another.

Which is exactly what the two boys began experiencing sadly when appetites rose. It’s a common issue with kittens that have been separated from their mother at too early an age. Most times simply separating the kittens can help, but you also don’t want to alienate them causing socialization issues. In rare cases, it can actually become very serious that may cause life long issues. 

Kitten suckling can be a sign of stress, compulsive behavior, or even just happiness or contentment. It can occur when cats suck on their nipples, other areas of skin and other objects. Cats might suckle on rugs, your skin tags, your ears or your fingers.

So it was when poor Oliver and Oreo began suffering at the mouths of the others, that they knew they needed to do something. 

The unlucky kitten on the receiving end of this inappropriate nursing can develop lesions and other injuries. Dry nursing can develop into a habit, becoming harder to break as a kitten matures.

That’s when the stars aligned, the scissors came out and the cutest kitty hoodies were devised.

Yes. I have to Thank Emma for the idea. These are bottle babies and they are sucking on each other….well, the 2 boys are getting sucked on. They are wearing those to protect their boy parts and hopefully break the habit before time to litter train them.

One has to wonder if it was the stack of solo socks that seem to appear out of the dryer that inspired her. At least we all know what to do with our piles of the same! 

I spoke to the organization who quickly agreed that some of their designer socks were next. And only a few hours later, after a yummy meal and nap…Hilfiger kittens!




Posted by You had Me at MEOW on Wednesday, August 19, 2020


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And should you want your own fancy hoodie to sport, we have a few suggestions for you HERE! =) 

Photo: Cole and Marmalade — Pictured: Crazy Cat Nerds


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