35-Pound Tabby Named Bazooka Is On His Way To A Healthier Life

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Full of fluff and chonk, Bazooka is one cat whose story isn’t exactly what it seems. It only takes one look to know this oversized ginger tabby is something special. Tipping the scales at a whopping 35 pounds, Bazooka is impossible to miss. He arrived at the Wake County SPCA last week, and his picture has captured thousands of hearts. But despite what it looks like, SPCA staff doesn’t want his growing number of fans to jump to conclusions about his past.

Bazooka made his grand arrival at the Wake County SPCA in about as regal a way as possible. He was escorted into the building by not one, but two personal chauffeurs. It took two people to handle his substantial heft, you see. 

Bazooka arrives at the SPCA

Bazooka, a 35lbs tiger (ok orange tabby) is being chauffeured by the SPCA Admission Center's good-humored staff!

Posted by SPCA of Wake County on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

He ended up at the shelter after staff came across his picture from a transfer partner about two hours away. The five-year-old kitty ended up homeless after his elderly owner passed away. SPCA spokesperson Darci Vanderslik told ABC 7 News,

“They alerted us to Bazooka here, and once we saw the pictures, we were like ‘we have to get this kitty.”

It’s easy to look at Bazooka and assume the worst.

Any responsible pet owner knows that overfeeding an animal is dangerous. Obesity is just as serious for cats as it for humans, and it can lead to several life-threatening health issues. It also causes ongoing discomfort and a decreased quality of life. 


But Bazooka’s story isn’t a cut-and-dry case of neglect. This cat was well loved and taken care of. According to the SPCA, Bazooka’s previous owner was an elderly gentleman who suffered from dementia. They believe the man filled his cat’s food bowl every time he saw it empty simply because he didn’t remember that Bazooka already had his meal. This ongoing situation led to Bazooka’s dangerous weight gain. Vanderslik said,

“He thought he was doing the best thing for his cat by feeding him. We need to look on this with a compassionate view. He was loved.”

After his owner’s passing, Bazooka suddenly found himself in a confusing situation. He was passed between caretakers, and now he’s comfortably settled with a foster associated with Wake County SPCA. Michelle Barry said she has only had Bazooka for a short time, but he has already proven himself to be a mellow and friendly cat. 

“He wants to be around people. He’s happiest lying right next to you. And he’s more active than I expected him to be.”

Bazooka sure is a handsome cat!

Bazooka tabby cat

Bazooka can reportedly jump onto the bed with ease, and his expanded girth doesn’t seem to bother him. Still, his new caretakers are committed to helping the chonky guy slim down. He’s been put on a strict diet and exercise regime, and he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s made no complaints, and his caretakers are confident he’s capable of dropping a considerable amount of weight.

While Bazooka adjusts to his new life, he already has a permanent home lined up. He’ll head there soon, and his foster hopes his time in the spotlight will educate people about the dangers of overfeeding pets. But she also hopes it encourages people to choose compassion and understanding over judgement and accusation.

Bazooka is not available for adoption, but don’t forget about all the other shelter kitties waiting for their new homes. Visit the Wake County SPCA website to view all their adoptable animals. 

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