Woman Transforms Her Passion For Helping Abandoned And Feral Cats Into Catville

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If you were to ask Helyn Cornille, she would tell you that she’s just an old lady that loves animals. But don’t let her modesty fool you, she has a heart of gold. For many years, Helyn dreamed of transforming her love for helping abandoned and feral cats into something more. This is where her vision for Catville began…


“We live in the country with many feral cats, we catch them, take to vets, and raise and love them.” — Helyn Cornille

Down in Eatonton, Georgia, Catville is a picture perfect cat community for kitties that are getting the chance at a real life with a human that will love them for the rest of their days. No more scrounging for food, no more lack of veterinary care, and most of all, always having a human who will love and appreciate them.


Catville has cats that are old, some deaf and/or missing teeth, and even kittens that were found abandoned and had to be bottle fed in order to survive.

Helyn told me that on her farm where she lives, they have a saying: “Any creature that walks, flys, or crawls can think of my home as their safe haven.”


Off of her guest house, Helyn and her husband have created an enclosure which connects to the house so that the cats can travel indoors and outdoors when they wish. The grand catio outdoors  has these cute-as-buttons little painted houses with white trim, a pond and water fountain, and even a hill that the cats “absolutely love” she told me.



“The cats are very happy and much loved, and we continue to tweak this out for them. In the catio, we have many ways for them to come and go and go around each other to prevent conflicts. The windows to go outside have thick plastic strips that keep bugs and heat or cold out but they can go through easily.”

And she has more plans, too, to add forest mural walls, as well as special plans for the bedroom. There are currently 18 cats living on the farm, and Helyn is proactive towards giving each their adequate space. She doesn’t want to overcrowd as to give each cat in her care the best quality of life possible.



“Most of the cats of Catville were feral. Some strays, some dumped. We love them all.”

When Helyn isn’t busy tending to her clowder of kitties, she’s active in the local TNR efforts in her area. In addition to the adorable features of Catville, the cats also have many perches, ledges, and furniture to lounge on. As you can see from the precious images, the kitties here all have time to stop and smell the flowers thanks to Helyn’s big heart.



I’d like to give a special thank you to Helyn for sharing her story with me, if only the world could have more people like her in it.

To keep up with the Catville cat paradise on social media, visit their Facebook page here.

All Images Courtesy of Helyn Cornille – Catville

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house of nekko

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