Australian Firefighters Calendar 2020 – The Christmas Videos Are Finally Out!

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It is not going to be a frosty holiday in many houses this year. Now when this gift is open anyways! I know we’ve already covered the press on the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendars. But really can their ever be enough of their “smiles” flooding news feeds? Nope.

So when they finally released the videos and photos from the Christmas photo shoot, all my productivity went right out the window. Don’t believe me? Try not to get sucked in yourself.

Here are the silly, heartwarming and knee-buckling moments from the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar Christmas videos!

*You’re welcome again! 

Fair warning, one of the brave men helping to bring the love of animals into every home is Nathan Jenkins. It’s been mentioned that he is the “Hottest Firefighter In The World”. Thoughts? And yes, I’ll be doing a story all about him in the coming weeks because I’m certainly in agreement. He, (haha whoops, scratch that), the CALENDAR is a gift to us all!

Not only do all of the men posing for the calendar shine on camera, they have a blast off screen too.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of this year’s photo shoots with all their furry friends.



With a proud 27 year history of helping those in need, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has now become the world’s most popular calendar.

Since 1993 firefighters from around Australia’s Urban, Rural, Armed Forces, Aviation an corporate fire-fighting services have been coming together to create the world’s most iconic calendar. This year we have produced 6 unique calendars for 2020. Featuring Australia’s hottest firefighters with rescue cats, dogs and horses.

We have also produced calendars featuring Australian native animals and even a farm animal edition!

This year the calendars also feature Firefighters from France & Germany this year. Next year firefighters from all over the world will take part in the worlds first International Firefighters Calendar.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has a rich past of supporting some of Australia’s biggest Children’s Hospital organisations. This year we decided to support local, smaller charities. with more of a focus on native Australian rescue, and therapy animals.

How did he know I wanted a wheelbarrow of kittens for Christmas?! *Wink, wink back at you!

But what if sexy firemen aren’t your “thing”? Well above all, you’ll know you’re helping Australia’s needy animals with every purchase. So SHOP NOW! In other words, sounds like a “win-win” to me! =)


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