Self-Rescued Stray Cat Bambino Greets His Shocked Owner By Saying “Well, Hi!”–Caught On Camera!

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Every serious cat lover will admit that they talk to their cats, and of course they fully understand them back. Their “purr”sonalities are understood by us, and every gesture of theirs seems to suggest deep hidden motives. If only they could speak! But are our cats rely on us to translate their feelings. And it’s very important to be able to decipher what their body language is saying. Are they happy with us? Do they need medical attention? Or are they simply chatting and saying “hello” as they go about their day? Well, for one stray turned house cat named Bambino, he did just that.

Bambino actually shocked his owner with what sounded like the words, “Well, hi!”, coming out of his mouth.

Even better though? HE CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA!!!

I cannot explain how much joy the video gave me to watch–over and over and over. Then I looked at his Instagram page and saw more that made me fall for the ginger cat. He rescued himself!


In the now viral video (BELOW), Bambino is strolling through their home after what looks like to be a fun playtime with his siblings. He rounds the corner by the refrigerator when his owner follows him. It’s when he turns the corner that Bambino shockingly looks directly at the camera. 

And in what sounds to be a “thick Southern accent”, it legit sounds like he says “well, hi!”. Watch the video he shared on their Instagram page @gamino_911.

Thank you to Kate Benjamin, Owner and Founder at Hauspanther, for resharing the post to her Facebook page! I scrolled upon it and immediately knew I had to help spread the joy it brought us. 

Have your felines ever vocalized anything like Bambino did here?! 

No, the square chips hanging from their collars are not “voice translaters”…or are they!!?? 


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A little explanation for the grey box on their collars! Spoiler alert, it’s not a shock collar! It’s a @whistlelabs pet tracker.

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