Lil Bub May Soon Be Watching Over All Of Us From Space

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On Sunday, December 1st 2019, the world lost one of the sweetest and most loveable cats that ever lived. Lil Bub was loved by millions. And even after her death she will live on to touch many hearts all around the world.

She was trademarked by her unique physical appearance. But all loved her for innate ability to smile from the inside out and spread cheer. Lil Bub was a permanent kitten, weighing in at just 3.8lbs even as an adult, due to a “multitude of genetic anomalies” which plagued her. And yet, these conditions never robbed her of her precious demeanor and loving disposition.

She was told she would live maybe six months given her poor health. She went on to defy the odds. Because she had the perfect humans that loved her and appreciated her. They gave her what turned out to be her calling in life: spreading joy.

Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, shared on her Instagram account and her Facebook page shortly after her passing.

He had to let the world know they’d lost a feline angel on Earth.

Lil Bub was an advocate for special needs cats everywhere, but she was much more than that, too.

She was a shining simple of happiness, kindness and hope. Lil Bub was a ray of sunshine upon all of the lives that she touched each day.


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This is BUB today vs BUB 6 years ago.

Her fur isn’t as fluffy, she walks a lil funny, and she’s got a big old lump on her cheek, but she’s happy, healthy, and getting old just like the rest of us. When you consider her size (3.8 pounds), her genetic makeup, and her bone condition, it’s safe to say that at 8 years old she’s now a senior cat. This is a truly amazing achievement considering her original life expectancy of 6 months. In only 8 years she’s accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime – she’s a published author, a billboard topping artist, a scientifically published genetic researcher, a talk show host, the star of an award-winning doc, has appeared in two hollywood movies, had her own primetime TV special, started the first national fund for special needs pets, and has helped raise over $700,000 for homeless animals.

Beyond that, BUB’s role in my personal life has been overwhelming (where do I even start), and I know it has been for thousands of other people (and pets) as well. For that, I think she deserves a very big GOOD JOB BUB! She’d be stoked if you shared how she’s affected your life over the years in the comments below. #goodjobbub #scienceandmagic #lilbub

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Losing a pet is never easy.

Now add to that, it’s a celebrity cat that was loved by millions worldwide. It seems that Bub’s owner wants to do something special for the loyal and loving fans of the cat. That’s why he’s decided to team up with the brilliant minds at Purdue University. The goal is to help get his plans for Bub’s cremated ashes off the ground and in the air. It would be after her memorial service takes place.

Bub’s owner spoke with TMZ, where he told them his plans.

[Mike] wants to link her satellite to a website so people can track the cat’s location over Earth. And he even hopes to install a live feed on the craft so people can see Bub watching over them.

Mike knows that this dream for his late beloved cat doesn’t come without a high price.

So he plans to do his part to raise money for the efforts. And the proceeds can go towards homeless pets and veterinary research. The Purdue University Veterinary Hospital in West Lafayette, Indiana, was Bub’s clinic. She relied on them for emergency services, and the university also happens to feature an aerospace program. As wild as the idea might be, Bub’s cat dad knows that all things are possible.

“Her backstory is that she came from space here to Earth to help us out in a lot of ways, which she has obviously done,” Bridavsky told the IndyStar. “I would like to send her back in her spaceship.”

Per the IndyStar, her specific spaceship carrier would have it’s own unique mission. That includes a camera onboard that lets people see what BUB sees! And they can even donate to her charity fund, each time the satellite completes a trip around the planet.

In regards to the memorial service in Bloomington for Lil Bub, there will soon be one, but exact details have not yet been cemented.

We do know that our hearts go out to Mike during this extremely difficult time. And if it makes him feel any better at all, he can hopefully find some comfort in knowing that a whole world loved his small but wonderful kitty and always will, too.


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Losing a pet is a difficult and complicated process, and only more so when your pet was loved by so many. While I was the one that cared for and took care of BUB, she was not MY cat – she was OUR cat. It’s a tough time for sure, but in hindsight I can see that it really was her time to go, and she knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to go back to space the way that she did. It’s going to take some time to get used to a world without her, but she left it a better place. I’m going to take a few days off from posting, but I promise to continue to share the many magical moments and memories from the past 8 years once our family has had some time to recover.

BTW – there may be a memorial service in Bloomington soon. And if you see companies selling “RIP BUB” shirts, those aren’t from us, they’re just trying to make a quick buck. Due to overwhelming popular demand, we will be making some commemorative BUB merchandise in the coming weeks. If you’d like to stay up to date on the memorial service, new commemorative BUB stuff, and other developments, you can sign up for the newsletter at the link in BUB’s bio ( Thanks for all of your support. #bestjobbub #lilbub #scienceandmagic

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