Gorgeous Cat With Head-Turning Facial Marking Looking For A Home

I am not one whose mind goes into the gutter easily, and I will never make fun of a cat for a marking in which they cannot control. For Daisy the stunning nine-year-old Ragdoll cat out of Sydney, Australia, she made headlines and turned millions of heads around the world for her um, ahem, interesting facial marking.

The Mini Kitty Commune of Australia is giving her a soft place to land until she finds her furever home, and they referred to her facial marking as “unfortunate” to try and keep things PC when sharing her plight with the cat lovers of the world.

To me, it’s sort of like when you stare up at the clouds and imagine you see things that aren’t really there—or are they? Obviously Daisy’s facial marking has garnered her loads of attention, and some not so nice—I’m talking to you, misogynistic men! We get it, you think you’re so funny. 🙄

Image Courtesy of Mini Kitty Commune

Regardless of the people who quickly had their minds in the gutter over what some are referring to as her “dickface” facial marking, at least it’s doing some good by getting Daisy’s need for a loving home out there in the world. I know I speak not only for myself when I say that Daisy is simply gorgeous and any cat lover would be lucky to have her!

“Unfortunate face markings? More like purrfect.” — says one kind commenter to their Facebook page.

The good people at Mini Kitty Commune are working hard to ensure that Daisy has the furever home that she deserves. And we can tell that these dedicated cat lovers are people who truly care about the feline kind!

Here’s more about them below:

We are a no kill organisation that helps hundreds of abandoned and neglected cats.100% of your donations go to the animals in vet bills, food, medical supplies and housing equipment.We don’t have fancy offices, committees or expensive wages and our staff are all volunteers.

We spend your donations solely on the cats.By donating or bequesting to the MKC, you can be sure your money goes to good use to helping those that cant help themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mini Kitty Commune or inquire about their adoptable cats, you can do so here.

As for Daisy, she and her sister, Mollie, are currently in a trial adoption with a foster family: “She is very sweet, she has relaxed into her trial adoption. Her potential adopter has been amazing for both Daisy and Mollie.”

Daisy isn’t the only cat with interesting markings, check out some others we found on the internet!

This tortie’s coat is super interesting, especially with her little headband a top her head…

And, of course, many cats have markings similar to one of the most evil men in history…

And this cat, those are some super cool facial markings!

This cutie looks like there’s a monkey on her back 24/7!


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  1. Well, there are those whose brain resides in their little head rather than their big head. To me it’s unmistakably a “Y,” and I would go as far as tho saggy it’s a Star Wars Y-fighter.

  2. My first thought was “Oh! What a sweet peach heart!”.
    Precious really, since the tip of the heart ends right at her nose which is where a kitty gives their kiss. 😉

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