Adorable Cat Greeter Is Rightfully Recognized As Store’s Best Employee

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You could say this Minneapolis awards store is going the extra mile to provide customers with some purr-ty great customer service. Customers at Viking Trophies can’t stop talking about the cutie who greets them at the door and frequently rubs against their legs. This guy is the complete package, and he’s rightfully being recognized as the store’s best employee. His name is Charlie, and this adorable ginger tabby is potentially the best cat greeter in all of Minnesota.

Charlie officially took on his role of cat greeter at the beginning of the summer.

Posted by Viking Trophies – Awards & Recognition on Friday, September 30, 2016

The cute cat works full time (with a lot of nap breaks) and spends his weekends living with the store’s owner. He’s always enthusiastic on the job and rushes to greet every customer that walks through the door. He prompts them for pets and pats and in return provides purrs and plenty of entertainment. Lori Moen told Digital Journal,

He [Charlie] loves attention and never tires of customers gushing over him.

When there are no customers around, this over-achieving cat greeter is always looking for other ways to help. He’s an expert at inspecting the merchandise, and he’s the best in the office when it comes to supervising work and keeping other employees on task. 

Charlie knows it's Friday!

Posted by Viking Trophies – Awards & Recognition on Friday, April 25, 2014

When he’s not greeting or supervising, one of Charlie’s favorite jobs is overseeing all box organization and management. It doesn’t matter how small the box is or what shape, Charlie is always willing to give it an up-close inspection. If there’s an open box anywhere in the store, Charlie will most likely be sitting in it.

Charlie takes his time on the clock seriously, but he still manages to get into the occasional trouble.

“Sometimes he can be naughty,” said Moen. “He knows he’s not supposed to go inside the medals display case, but if any of us leaves the door of it open, you can be sure he’ll be staring out at you from inside that case!”

Charlie the cat, our store greeter, says "We've got what you want in stock!"

Posted by Viking Trophies – Awards & Recognition on Friday, March 8, 2019

With all that hard work, Charlie is already being recognized as one of the store’s best-ever employees. He always has a good attitude, and both the customers and other employees love him dearly. Charlie is a valued member of the team, and we can’t wait to see this cute cat greeter climb that corporate ladder. 

Victory Trophies posts plenty of pictures of Charlie on their Facebook, so  check them out for more cute cat pics.


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