Tiny Kitten’s Meows Sound Like Duck Quack; Isn’t Long For Adopters To Answer The Call!

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We’re all unique in our own ways, and that is something to be celebrated in my opinion. It’s what makes us stand out in a crowd, setting us apart from the millions of other humans on the Earth. But what if you’re a tiny kitten only months old, trying to be heard in a sea of voices? For the millions of animals that cross shelter doors every year, how do you stand out in a literally crowded shelter? Well, one sweet little kitten that found himself in a Texas shelter discovered he had the “gift of gab”. Except it just happened to be in the form of a meow that sounded like a duck quack!

Screenshot: Video @pvactx

And wouldn’t you know it? That duck quack of a meow was heard by his eventual adopters!

Meet Melvin. Say “Hi” Melvin.


So is your heart is mush and all you want to do is snuggle baby kittens now? Thought so. Because that’s how it has gone for everyone who’s heard or seen the video of little Melvin with the “duck quack” meow.

But how did the world learn of the special squawking kitten from Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg, Texas?

It was shelter volunteer Sarah that initially heard the odd noise coming from the cages lined with kittens. She and another worker entered the shelter room and immediately heard the out-of-place quack. But when they tracked down the sound, they were shocked to discover it coming from mini cat Melvin! 

Photo: Facebook @pvactx

How happy are we that Sarah grabbed her phone and started recording?! Once she uploaded the video on her Facebook page, Melvin’s quack spread like crazy online.

It was likely that duck quack of a “meow” that called his new family to him. 

Only 2 days after the video was shared online, little Melvin was adopted into his forever home. That’s how you do it buddy! 

Photo: Facebook @pvactx

Handsome little Melvin stole the heart of his new parents! He has 2 more brothers waiting for him at home to have loads of fun with!

So here’s a huge congratulations to Melvin and his new family! It just goes to show you that when our differences are celebrated and joy is spread far and wide, we can all benefit.

Screenshot: Video @pvactx


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