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The 25 Most “Cat-Friendly” Cities In The United States

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While it seems that dogs get the majority of love, there are countless cat lovers far and wide. But the good thing about cats is, almost anyone can have a cat in their home! These self-sufficient, little beings make our hearts swoon. And they don’t pose a threat, that is, unless you’re an insect or rodent that dares step foot inside their living quarters! Are you wondering if your meow-tropolis is cat-friendly or not? Well, now you can have the definitive answer for yourself, cat lover. Here are the 25 most “cat-friendly” cities in the U.S.!

Home sale giant Redfin, recently teamed up with pet insurance company Trupanion to uncover the most cat-friendly cities in America.

To get their purrfect list, the two took a close look at cat-centered services in the area, such as cat clinics, hospitals and shelters. They also factored in cities with homes that had naturally occurring plants that are toxic to our feline friends. These were considered along with homes that had high ceilings, adequate litter box space and patios–obviously factoring in designated “catio” spaces.

“When choosing a home and neighborhood, homebuyers tend to consider the needs and wants of everyone who will be living in the home, and of course that includes pets,” Redfin’s chief economist, Daryl Fairweather, said in a statement. “Certain homes are better suited to cats, with spaces for the furry family member to lounge and play, and nearby facilities to maintain your cat’s health.”

Catio Spaces

And for their list, they didn’t just look at the major cities we all know off of the tops of their heads.

They closely examined 250 cities to narrow down the most cat-friendly city options for their Top 25 List of Cat-Friendly Cities in the US.

“With nearly 20 years of claims data on the health of pets, we understand the importance that environment, along with the care of veterinary professionals, can play in providing cats a safe and welcoming home,” said TJ Houk, chief member experience officer at Trupanion. “For this study we looked at pet owners’ access to cat-only veterinary practices, and the presence of cat rescues and shelters in a region, which added positively to a city’s ranking, while a high prevalence of locally-growing environmental dangers like sago palm detracted from the city’s ranking.”

Redfin and Trupanion’s Most Cat-Friendly Cities of 2019

Rank City State Percentage of Homes for Sale with Cat-Friendly Housing Features
1 Corvallis OR 16%
2 Spokane WA 15%
3 Orlando FL 21%
5 Bellingham WA 17%
5 Tulsa OK 16%
6 Raleigh NC 15%
7 New York NY 16%
8 Dayton OH 15%
9 Clarksville TN 7%
10 San Antonio TX 30%
11 Albuquerque NM 30%
12 Eugene OR 15%
13 Boston MA 17%
14 Allentown PA 17%
15 Dover DE 15%
16 Columbus OH 23%
17 Boise ID 32%
18 Louisville KY 25%
19 Tacoma WA 19%
20 Lincoln NE 22%
21 Portland OR 17%
22 Minneapolis MN 16%
23 Knoxville TN 13%
24 Santa Rosa CA 15%
25 Oakland CA 25%

If you’d like to read the full blog dedicated to cat-friendly cities in the US, you can do so here. Did your city make the list? Share with us in the comments!


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