SHOCKING UPDATE On The MORE THAN 300 Cats Discovered In Toronto Apartment Animal Hoard

over 300 cats found in home Credit: Toronto Cat Rescue

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When we shared this story last week, no one was 100% sure on the number of cats in the animal hoard. Well now we know–and the number is staggering!!! Early estimates were WAY off and later “guess-timates” of 300 cats was utterly shocking.

The city of Toronto has a limit on the number of cats you can own. That number is 6–more than some people could ever imagine having. But for one woman suffering from a severe hoarding mental disorder, her home had quite a higher number. Authorities discovered 300 cats living in her 18th floor apartment!

Photo courtesy of Toronto Cat Rescue

The Toronto Animal Services team knew they needed a lot of help to save that many cats.

And help they received, from numerous shelters and rescue organizations around the area. We finally have the full list of all the agencies involved in saving these felines.

Photo: Toronto Animal Services

Toronto Cat Rescue – 70 cats
Toronto Humane Society
Ninth Life Cat Rescue – 25 cats
OSPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre
Pickering Animal Services
Oshawa Animal Service Center – 42 cats
Etobicoke Humane Society – 9 cats
Northumberland Humane Society
City of Vaughan Animal Services
Bloor Animal Hospital Toronto
Royal York Animal Hospital
NCWL Cat Rescue – 32 cats (3 kittens later born)

Photo: Toronto Animal Services

These groups dropped what they were doing to help the estimated 300 cats. Even though it’s the middle of kitten season and most fosters are completely full. There was no way they could say “no” to these cats in need.

Photo: Oshawa Animal Service Center

One-by-one, the social media posts showing these cute cat faces began popping up. 

Please welcome Gracelynn to NCWL! This sweetie came to us on Tuesday from the apartment in Toronto by Thursday morning she gave birth to 3 kittens at the vet clinic. ~ NCWL Cat Rescue

Photo: NCWL Cat Rescue

At the Etobicoke Humane Society, they were overwhelmed but still accepted felines. Apparently this was not the first hoarding situation they dealt with recently either.

Although sadly we could not help out on a larger scale as we are still recovering from the last hoarding in March. The shelter itself is brimming with cats and our current foster homes are full. A last minute plea for fosters allowed us to help 9 cats from this recent situation.

Photo: Etobicoke Humane Society

We were happy to help and we welcome these sweet souls into our care. All are friendly but some have eye infections and upper respiratory infections. Once they are on the road to recovery and have had a chance to decompress in their foster homes they will be available for adoption.

The team at Oshawa Animal Services were happy to step in and lend a hand too. 

Photo: Oshawa Animal Service Center

We are happy to say that, working alongside the TAS team, we were able to secure and bring back 42! Stay tuned as these sweet babes get vetted and showered with lots of TLC, food and extra snuggles! They are headed towards great lives and will soon be available for adoption. ❤️

Photo: Oshawa Animal Service Center

And when the final tally of cats rescued from the animal hoard was announced, it was even more shocking! 

It’s been quite a week. We helped rescue 347 cats from a single apartment and are getting them ready to be adopted to their new homes! 

Yes, you read that right–347 CATS in one 18th floor apartment!

Photo: Toronto Animal Services

So for those of you wondering just where almost 350 cats would be in the small space, get ready to be shocked again. The staff with Toronto Cat Rescue worked tirelessly to ensure every cat was removed. But oh boy is it crazy where they were hiding!

We found cats behind a toaster, walls, and even inside a couch – about 50 cats were hiding inside a couch!

Photo: Ninth Life Cat Rescue

Now out of the extreme animal hoard conditions, they need our help, open hearts and homes.

Toronto Cat Rescue wants to help spread the word for all involved. There are so many deserving kitties, finding homes for all of them isn’t going to be easy. And with their friendly purrsonalities so far, they certainly aren’t eligible for TNR or barn cat programs. They are clearly happy indoor kitties and we hope they stay that way. Just in very very small groups! 

All of these cats need good homes, and you can go to any one of these agencies to adopt one. Thanks again to all of our partners, and to everyone that has already opened up their homes and hearts. These cats are lucky to have this community behind them. Please share this post and spread the word.

Photo: Oshawa Animal Service Center

Thank you to all the volunteers and workers that helped the cats in this animal hoard. Help educate people on the benefits of spaying and neutering!


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  1. Truly amazing this hoarding individual with 350 cats was not discovered sooner! Anyone know why this sad situation wasn’t known before now? She obviously needs help and these poor purrbabies more so!

  2. I have adopted 2 (neutered!) males from this situation. It is just over 2 weeks since they were rescued and they are very friendly although understandably skittish. They purr and are walking with upright tails. Please consider them if you are adopting. They are VERY adoptable.

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