Officers Bodycam Catches Kittens 30-Foot Fall To Safety; Now She’s Got Her Own Purr-tner!

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Earlier this month, two police officers were in the right place at just the right time. The officers from the Lufkin, Texas Police department were responding to a civil standby call at a nearby residence. But then they heard a kitten crying from nearby and went in purrsuit of the distress signal. What they found was a desperate situation that was about to become even more dire. It was also all caught on their body camera. 

There was a little grey kitten stuck approximately 30 feet up in a tree! 

Photo courtesy of @lufkinpoliceandfire

To make matters worse, they didn’t just find the kitten trapped with no way down. They also discovered its sibling that had already fallen. The poor baby hadn’t survived a fall from that height. Horrible to think that it also may have been dumped that way.

Officer Devin Trotti and his partner, Officer Randy Stallard, knew they had no time to hesitate. They called the emergency in and requested animal control, but couldn’t wait. 

As Officer Trotti exclaimed in the video, “We can catch that sucker.”

He rushed to his cruiser and retrieved a large blanket. They both grabbed an end and pulled the material into a makeshift landing pad. But how to you get a kitten from the top of a tree? The poor little thing was clearly terrified and there was no chance the men could climb up to get it.  

Screenshot from rescue video posted by @lufkinpoliceandfire

With the seconds ticking by, Officer Trotti carefully began to move the tree back and forth. Officer Stallard was sure to keep a watchful eye on the teetering feline. They would only have one chance to catch the falling kitten. 

After a minute or so, you can see the kitten plummet into the blanket safely. Whew! 

Screenshot from rescue video posted by @lufkinpoliceandfire

Watch the video below! 

Stallard and Trotti Cat Rescue

INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Officer Devin Trotti and Officer Randy Stallard encountered a kitten stuck roughly 30 feet up in a tree while on a civil standby Friday. Before officers arrived the kitten's sibling apparently fell to its death. 🙁 This is the condensed version of their 10-minute rescue which involved crime scene tape and one of the blankets that our officers keep in their patrol units to give to the homeless.The kitten, a female now fondly named "Trotti," was taken to the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter and is up for adoption at 1901 Hill St. in Lufkin. #holdmycrimescenetapeandwatchthis #noladdertruckneeded #heymeow #trottisagirl

Posted by Lufkin Police & Fire on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

#holdmycrimescenetapeandwatchthis #noladdertruckneeded #heymeow #trottisagirl

But what would happen to the kitten now? 

The rescued grey baby turned out to be a little girl.

Screenshot from rescue video posted by @lufkinpoliceandfire

She was approximately 5 weeks old and very friendly. Which means we can sadly guess she was likely dumped vs. being a stray or feral. She was in good health as well, indicating she wasn’t living on the streets for long. 

Screenshot from rescue video posted by @lufkinpoliceandfire ~  Officer Stallard comforts the kitty

A local organization, Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter was happy to take in the lucky girl. They named her “Trotti” in honor of the officer who helped save her. 

Tiny Trotti didn’t just fall from a tree that day, she fell into some serious good luck. 

Screenshot from rescue video posted by @lufkinpoliceandfire

While at the shelter, she befriended another cat that was waiting to be adopted. Not two days after her traumatic incident, both Trotti and her new friend were adopted…together! Congrats to the new purrtners <3

Photo courtesy of @lufkinpoliceandfire

Sadly, we didn’t receive any updated photos, but we’ll will certainly share if we do! Thank you to the Lufkin Police Department for your quick thinking and ingenuity. 


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  1. Thank you to these caring and compassionate policemen for rescuing this baby kitten. They are a credit to the Lufkin Police Dept. Kudos.

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