Senior Cat Returned 8 Years After Adoption Due To New Baby; He’s Been Waiting Over 225 Days For A New Family!

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King Simon was just a little 3-month-old prince when he arrived at Morris Animal Refuge back in May of 2010. He was rescued with his mom Lilly and four little sisters and brothers, all who found forever homes. The adorable ginger and white kitten was quickly scooped up and adopted too. Flash forward to July 9th 2018 though, and an 8-year-old Simon is returned to the shelter. At no fault of his own, they explained it was due to “life changes”, in this case, a new baby

Photos courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge ~ Baby King Simon

Now King Simon has been back in the shelter for over 225 days waiting to be adopted again!!! 

The super fluffy, 7-pound stud is still looking for his fur-ever home. Since he is nicely set in his ways, you know exactly what you’re getting with King Simon–as with many other older felines. No crazy kitten zoomies every night (hopefully)! 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

He has been reported to be a bit shy at first, but with what he’s gone through at his age, it’s not surprising. You’re with a family almost your whole life and then have to leave? It’s heartbreaking. We’re happy that he was returned to the same shelter instead of thrown out on the streets though. 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

However…at some point throughout the years, they had him declawed on his front 2 paws. =( You can see what he thinks of that decision here. 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

He’s not having any issues with them but this was done against Morris Animal Refuge’s policies. It may be a good thing that King Simon has the opportunity to start over elsewhere. I’d hate to think what may have happened if he’d gotten issues later in life!

Once he accepts you though, he’s a happy and loyal companion. 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

It just takes the right person to give him the time to settle without thinking he’s not affectionate. He IS a King right? So we need to earn his loyalty by showing him respect =) That, and providing his food and treats may win him over a bit faster. 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

The shelter thinks he’d do best in a home as a solo cat. He deserves some special one-on-one attention and will happily return your love ten-fold. 

Simon needs some time to warm up to strangers, but once he does you have a friend for life. Don’t we all deserve a second chance? Be his. Adopt!

If you think this handsome ginger chap is the right royal for your kingdom, please visit their website HERE!

Want to know the 2nd best thing? Clearly, King Simon is the first–but a close runner up? The patient boy has already had his adoption fee sponsored! Bonus! <3 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge

So let’s share King Simon’s story and find him a home quickly!

The shelter love their returned buddy, but want to get his “tale” out to the public–no matter how it’s done. You can see the clever and silly way they took advantage of the recent Superbowl to do so. 


But they’re sure to remind everyone..WHEN you adopt him, you can change his name or refer to him as it should be–“Your Furry Highness”. 

Photo courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge


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