Video: Bank Worker Shocked As Cat Falls From Ceiling…Directly Onto Her!

Photo Screenshot from YouTube Video

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If you are one of the millions of workers that spend their days stuck in an office, you know about the “mid-afternoon lull”. The day has dragged on and you were SURE it was almost time to pack up and head home.

Then you glance at the clock and it’s barely mid-afternoon. Lunch seemed like hours ago but the minutes tick by at a slug’s pace. Some people reach for a sugary snack and others cave in and slump over in their seats, hiding from management’s eyes.

For one woman working at a central Chinese bank, she received an unexpected shock on Monday.

I’m betting her mid-day lull’s for the next week are non-existent! I wonder how long it would take me to be comfortable sitting at my desk after this…

When the initial shriek rang through the office, her co-workers and the bank customers had no idea what to expect. It wasn’t that a cat had fallen from the ceiling onto her desk though! 

Translating the video, the terrified woman screams “There’s a cat! Stop working!”

They believe that the cat gained entrance to the building through the ventilation shaft or air ducts, but are thoroughly investigating. 

We all know cats are sneaky creatures, but also that there may be that one person who brings their cat to work. Purrhaps keeps it in a comfy drawer lined with blankets? HAHA

It’s not nice to laugh, but the startled woman then goes on to tell a customer that approaches her quite a far-fetched tail. I suppose she did just have a cat fall 20 onto her and was in a “fear fog”. 

“Sir, Please get to somewhere safe. It’s a bit dangerous here, there’s a cat.”

You can see the poor kitty pausing here for just a moment in its shocking new environment. We’re just glad it didn’t injure itself in the fall and wasn’t able to flee the scene of the invasion.

Photo Screenshot from YouTube Video

I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble going AFTER the cat to try to pet it! That is of course, once the heart attack I’d be having if a cat fell on me, was over. I’d certainly by spending my lunch hours searching for the fluffy intruder. <3

They do not mention where, or if, the cat was caught after it ran off, likely just as scared as the poor woman. 

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