Kittens Fall From The Ceiling After Hurricane Michael Destroys Home In Florida

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Hurricane Michael, the 3rd most powerful storm to ever hit the U.S., tore through Panama City, FL yesterday. Thousands of people tuned in for the reports of devastation the Category 4 hurricane left in its wake. One newscaster discovered a heartwarming story amid the destruction. In one destroyed home, kittens even fell from the ceiling! 

Good Morning America’s Rob Marciano, shared the tale with viewers live. He had been speaking with some homeowners who had stayed and suffered through the storm. After the hurricane swept through their area, they were carefully making there way out of the home.

They were absolutely shocked when 4 tiny kittens fell from the remains of their kitchen ceiling!

Photo: Screenshot video from Facebook @goodmorningamerica

The fortunate felines seem to be only about 2 weeks old, ears still folded and eyes barely opened.

Even more strange, is that they don’t know who the mother cat could be!  

They’ll surely continue search the area for the mother but this will be difficult when the devastation is so severe.

It is not safe to be rummaging around the dilapidated structures.

Photo: Screenshot video from Facebook @goodmorningamerica

Rob wanted to share their story as soon as possible in the hopes of finding them a new home.

The stray kittens were then fed, cleaned and warmed up. They will be taken to safety and efforts to find adopters for these adorable kittens will likely not take long.

Already, experienced rescues and caring individuals have stated they’d be happy to take in the scared litter. 

Of course, we agree with Rob, that one MUST be called Michael!


Photo: Screenshot video from Facebook @goodmorningamerica

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  1. Ohh soo adorable and such a miracle! I’m glad they were found and hope mama will be found safely too. I would adopt these babies in a heartbeat! My other fur babies are rescues as well.

  2. i’ve heard of pennies from heaven, but this is even better – baby kittens from heaven (or the ceiling) depending on your view-point,

  3. I was sooooo happy to see this however, the homeowners are not real heroes because they just dropped them in that area and took off. If it was me, I would have found a box, or anything….and taken them with me! Where is MOM? Is she dead, is she still in the house? Did they look for her well enough? They can bait her for food you know…. I am heartbroken for all the animals that have been killed, or are trapped, and will starve to death or are injured right now. People are usually mostly concerned with themselves but I have been a colony feeder so I am sure most have been abandoned. What will they do? It’s horrible!

    • I agree with you totally! Thanks for speaking up for the most helpless…animals abandoned purposely by their “owners”.

  4. I will adopt a kitten or two! This is the most beautiful story. The kittens would be kept indoors. My two elderly cats have passed in the last few years & I have been looking for the right time. This is it! Please call or text me. Christie Coleman, 936 Oaks Drive, Flatwoods, KY. 630-244-8584. Thank you so much!

  5. This was such a miracle, and so glad they were safe. I so hope the mother cat will be found safely as well and soon. I pray and hope these little kittens will all be adopted into wonderful homes.

  6. There’s a mother cat out there mourning the loss of her babies. Please set a monitored humane trap with bedding of kittens.

  7. They may never find mama cat. Cat’s do not retain their maternal feelings for their kittens for very long if they get separated from them. If mama cat is alive, she probably won’t go back looking for her kittens.

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