5 Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats

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Pretty much any cat lover can recognize this beautiful breed just at the sight of them. Large and in charge, this majestic breed of cat is a favorite among many feline aficionados. Maine Coon cats are usually very affectionate, with a big love of perching, and they are esteemed for their gentle giant nature, but there is so much more to this breed than all that pretty fur and big body.

Hailed as the first true cat breed of North America, this old breed of cat has a colorful history and have cemented their admiration in the hearts of many cat lovers. Check out our fun list of fun and interesting Maine Coon cat facts…

The Official State Cat of Maine

This fun fact about Maine Coon cats makes purrfect sense given the name, right? According to the Maine.gov, they give perfect reasons why this native cat of Maine is the personification of the harsh climate which makes them the purrfect choice as the official feline of the state…

Maine Coons were well established more than a century ago as a hardy, handsome breed of domestic cat, well equipped to survive the hostile New England winters. 

Everything about the Maine Coon points to its adaptation to a harsh climate. Its glossy coat, heavy and water-resistant, is like that of no other breed, and must be felt to be appreciated. It is longer on the ruff, stomach and britches to protect against wet and snow, and shorter on the back and neck to guard against tangling in the underbrush. The coat falls smoothly. The long, bushy tail which the cat wraps around himself when he curls up to sleep can protect him from cold winters.

His ears are more heavily furred (both inside and on the tips) than many breeds for protection from the cold, and have a large range of movement. Big, round, tufted feet serve as ‘snow shoes.’ Their large eyes and ears are also survival traits, serving to increase sight and hearing. The relatively long, square muzzle facilitates grasping prey and lapping water from streams and puddles. 

Largest Domesticated Breed of Cat

It’s a pretty well-known fact among cat peeps that Maine Coon cats are renowned for their impressive size. But just how big are these majestically beautiful felines? On average, a Maine Coon tips the scales anywhere from 13-18 pounds–which is roughly twice the size of the average housecat.

As you can see, these super-sized cats can make other cats look tiny!

From head to the tip of their fluffy and irresistible tail, a Maine Coon can measure up to 48″ in length, and there are 75 different color combinations that have been recorded. They can be many variations of tabby, solid colors, bi-color and even tortoiseshell.

Maine Coons are recognized for those majestic coats, supersized whiskers, adorable ear tufts, and don’t forget about those fluffy tails that go on for days! Cygnus the Maine Coon cat is a world record breaker, check out this tail that’s officially the longest in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records:

If his tail looks super long, that’s because it is–coming in at 44.66 cm (17.58 inches)!

What’s even more interesting about these kings of the cat world is that they don’t reach their full maturity until five years of ago for those that are purebred. A mixed breed of Maine Coon should reach their maximum size by 2-3 years of age.

Fun fact: Although the Maine Coon cat is strong, muscular and lengthy, their legs are generally short in stature. 

Not Much For Meowing

If you’re lucky enough to have one of this big and beautiful cats in your life, you’ll know this is definitely true. The Maine Coon cat prefers to communicate by way of trills and chirps, with the occasional meow mixed in between. And despite their large size, their meows are usually soft and sweet–just like them!

This mixture of the two sounds like a meow mixed with a purr, and cats in general may chirp when they spot prey and a trill is often an expression of happiness.

Many Maine Coon Cats Are Fond of Water And a Good Perch

Although we think it’s rather silly, there are some myths surrounding the Maine Coon that they are somehow related to the raccoon. This is entirely false, and the only thing that they share with the nocturnal mammal is a fondness of water! In addition to this, Maine Coon cats are lovers of perching. These vertically oriented cats like to put themselves high in trees or on rooftops as a way to view the world–and prey–below them.

Dogs Of The Cat World

The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that can make for a purrfect pet for a family with children. Or for someone that is hoping to have a laid-back social kitty that loves to hang around their people. These are cats that are well-known for their docile and friendly personality. They even have a goofy streak in them! We aren’t the type to typically compare dogs and cats to each other. Although these certainly are the dogs of the cat world!

Please remember, you don’t have to go to a breeder to find a Maine Coon! There are countless rescues and shelters that have Maine Coon cats. Also, many Maine Coon mixed breed felines are anxiously awaiting their furever home.

Mr. Purple, a Garfield-like Maine Coon mix, has been a proud member of our family for 6 years. We adopted him from a rescue group that was doing adoptions at PetSmart. After I saw his photo online, I fell in love at first sight. His story started sad, being thrown from a moving car as a kitten. He was nursed back to health by a devoted foster mom for 6 months before becoming a member of our family. Since he’s been in our life, we’ve show him every day that he is safe and happy with us. As you can see, he’s a big cuddle bug with nothing but love to give.


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