Cat With A Love For The Great Outdoors Wins Hearts On The Internet

Magic the rescued tabby cat out of Seattle is a thrill seeker. From an early age, he had a quest for adventure that was obvious to his humans.

“We knew he had a bit of a curious personality going into it,” said Eric. “We kept taking him to parks and he liked it more and more. The social media stuff has been a surprise it’s just been sort of a fun ride.”

Thanks to his owners, Eric and Erika, we can feast upon his many adventures on his Instagram account, @furrymagic.

The adventure kitty hails from Seattle, Washington, and along with his humans, he’s hiked and camped all over Washington state. Some of his pit stops and adventures include Mount Baker, Moran State Park, and even kayaking on Lake Wenatchee!

More about Magic the “Adventure Cat”:

His favorite things in the world are humans, food, toys, climbing and hiking. Magic loves meeting new people all the time, and at home he follows us around everywhere and loves to cuddle with us (when he’s not hunting). He will do ANYTHING for food and treats (especially treats), which is how we taught him to high five and come when called.

[Magic] is super sweet when he’s cuddling with us, but when he’s hunting his toys (and sometimes us) around our home he is an unstoppable ferocious tiger! He also loves to climb everything — from his indoor cat tree to outdoor trees, meowntains and rocks — and has gone hiking, camping, kayaking and swimming in city, state and national parks.

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Diablo Lake’s got nothin on me 🐱✨ @orukayak #NorthCatscades

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In addition to his Instagram account, Magic also has a website that documents his purrfect adventures…

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And look at all these super cool places!

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According to their website, this adventure cat had a rough start in life–but found a lucky break in the form of another cat and dog celebrity…

Magic was a rescued feral kitten in San Jose, California. He was fostered by the people behind @LiloTheHusky, in their foster kitten program, @MiniCatTown. We actually found out about him on Instagram because we followed @LiloTheHusky, and when we learned he was the smallest and last remaining kitten to be adopted of the nine kittens they were fostering at the time, we knew we had to reach out to them to apply to be Magic’s furever home. And when we found out he also had “adventure cat potential” we were super excited because we had been dreaming of having an adventure kitty! So once Magic was ready, we flew down to the Bay Area and brought him home with us to Seattle!


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So many meowntains! 😱🐱😂 hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an adventurous #optoutside weekend! ❤️✌🏼️

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Just look at all these purrfect pics!

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This tiny but fierce cat is always on the go, ready to make new memories–even if it means crossing meowtains and streams!


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Hiking time! Are you coming? 🐾 #MeowntBaker

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Want to see more of Magic? Don’t forget to follow him on social media!

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  1. Omg he is so stinkin cute and awesome i can hardly stand it! I need to get my two cats outdoors more often! Both my cats have gotten a little on the chubby side!

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