Reporter Accidentally Lets 250 Crickets Loose In His Home To The Dismay Of His Cats, Dog…and Wife!

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Just before the new year, life in the home of Washington Post reporter, Christopher Ingraham became a bit hectic. This wasn’t due to the normal holiday stresses or going stir-crazy due to the frigid cold temperatures keeping everyone indoors.

Photo: @_cingraham ~ Hiding from the holidays?

This year, Christopher can blame it on 250 live crickets that invaded every corner of his home!

Moving to a picturesque town in the northwestern part of North Dakota a few years ago, they’ve learned to plan ahead for the cold winter months. Their clan is full of tiny humans and animals including 3 cats and an adorable beagle/basset hound pup.

Photo: @_cingraham

This time, it was the families new bearded dragon, Holly, for which preparations were being made. The closest pet store that sells her favorite meal of crickets, is a 2 hour round trip drive. At about 10 crickets a day, that’s not a journey anyone wants to take multiple times a month.

Christopher had a brilliant idea though. He would order a bulk supply of live crickets for her online from a reputable supplier. Problem solved! Or so he thought…

Photo: @_cingraham ~ Holly

The shipment arrived on December 28th and what occurred next is best retold through the series of unfolding and honest twitter posts!


What happened next shocked them all and effected the entire house well into 2019!


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Kitten: *runs around like a maniac, bites my hand* Me: “Guess what? You were adopted” Kitten: #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #gingercat #badcat

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The furry residents were likely quite baffled at what had invaded their sanctuary. Was it a belated holiday gift for them? An extended “fast food” meal? 

Photo: @_cingraham

For the next couple of weeks, Christopher’s Twitter followers have been delighted to his posts of what life is REALLY like when you open “Pandora’s box”!

Perhaps there will be an improvement in the shipping methods for live crickets? Apparently his story is not the only laughable moment transporting the chirping insects. 

To be fair to the supplier, Fluker Farms, they did make a video on the proper procedure to open live shipments…something perhaps that should have been stamped on the box?

Lucky for the family, they can all find the humor in the situation now. 

Photo: @_cingraham

Wishing the household lots of soon-to-be cricket free days in 2019! So far, it seems they’re still creeping out of the woodwork! Whoops! HAHA

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