Four Kittens Rescued From Plastic Bag Discarded Near A Dumpster; Find The Purrfect Home – Together!

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I hate that we see this happen so often. Animals are treated like garbage and just discarded without a care in the world.

This is what happened a couple years ago to 4 helpless little neonatal kittens.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers

It was a hot August summer day in 2016. A woman noticed a plastic bag near the dumpster of a local Dollar General store…meowing!

She quickly opened it up to find the abandoned kittens inside, only about 2-3 weeks old. She was appalled that someone could do this to living creatures.

Luckily the kittens were outside of the dumpster and their desperate pleas for help were heard.

Knowing she had a cat lover in her family who’d be happy to help, she took them to her husband’s aunt, Jeannie Rogers.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers – Oliver

Jeannie accepted the needy fur-babies into her home.

Her intention was to take them into her care, fostering them in the hopes they survived the horrific ordeal.

There were 2 little girls and 2 little boys.

She named the girls Felicity Jane, or Lissie… 

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ Felicity Jane, or Lissie

and Thea.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ Thea


The boys were called Oliver…

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ Oliver

and Diggle.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers – Diggle

*Special shoutout to Jeannie for naming them after one of my (JessiCAT’s) favorite TV shows, Arrow!! <3

As Jeannie spent the days preparing formula, bottle feeding, swaddling and rocking the kittens, her love for them grew.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ Oliver

After meals, the adorable fluffy potatoes would fall asleep on her, happily nourished.

Hours were spent with the kittens playing and watching them learn how to be cats.

This wasn’t Jeannie’s first go at raising babies, and she has 2 human children.

They are already grown and out of the house with families of their own. 

The kittens seemed to renew her motherly instincts and she finally admitted that she’d never be able to let them go.

Jeannie admits that, “The kitties give me a purpose and filled my lonely days”. 

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers – Felicity

All 4 kittens became purrmanent members of her family.

Two years later and all 4 are happy, healthy cats loving life.

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers – Diggle

They’ve all grown into stunning beauties too!

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ TheaAt this point, there are 8 fur-babies in the Roger’s household, and Jeannie wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I love them with all my heart!”

Photo courtesy Jeannie Rogers ~ Oliver and Grandson Mason


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