Abused Kitten Transported In Secret For Protection; Finds The PURRfect Human To Show Him Love

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A small tan Tabby cat was recently the focus of an undercover “opurration” in the Midwestern U.S. The mission was simple but dire; get the kitten to safety and away from his former abuser. However, to do this, they needed to have the kitten transported in secret for it’s protection.

Photo: @safehavengb

The ginger boy had been rescued by local agencies after being found with injuries to his tiny face and head.

His “human” had been arrested–not only for abusing the gentle feline, but other humans as well. She served an unknown amount of time in jail. But as soon as she was released, she attempted to get the cat back!!!

*Yes, we are all shaking our heads in disgusted unity.*

Photo: @safehavengb

Sadly, it get’s more shocking and appalling however. When the woman’s application was denied, she convinced friends to fill out applications on her behalf! WHAT?!

It was then that the shelter knew they had to take more drastic measures for this kittens life.

Photo: @safehavengb

They couldn’t trust any of the applications they were receiving and knew he needed a fur-ever home. So they coordinated with other shelters who were located NO WHERE near them.

And in the cover of darkness, volunteers and animal lovers transported the healing boy to safety.

The receiving shelter kept the new arrival under wraps for his own protection.

Photo: @safehavengb

His name was changed and he was kept off of the adoption website.

But after everything the adorable little boy had been through, he was still willing to trust humans! Thankfully, they were very compassionate and caring ones at that!

Meet Benny.

Photo: @safehavengb

The brave cat made the journey to safety in secrecy. Not only that, he got to live at an amazing place!

You may have heard of it recently due to the now famous sleeping Cat Grandpa that visits daily….

Photo: Facebook/@safehavengb

Yup, Benny became part of the family at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin! Benny could now rest assured he’d never be hurt again. Most importantly, everyone there was dedicated to helping him learn this comforting fact.

He made lots of friends and even participated with the humans during yoga classes! 

Photos: @safehavengb

Safe Haven knew Benny needed to find the perfect human and fur-ever home.

Photo: @safehavengb

Which means they were utterly thrilled when close friends of the sanctuary decided to open their doors to the deserving boy! The happy announcement was made on their Facebook page.

“Luckily, Benny scored the BEST home with someone we know personally. He’s going to have an amazing life!!! Benny is officially SAFE.”

Photo: @safehavengb

Thank you to everything they, and the silent animal defenders of the world, do to save these precious lives!

Without their dedication, unwavering focus and truly angelic hearts, the world would have less “Benny’s” to love.

And we’d sure hate to live in that world…

Photo: @safehavengb


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