Former Feral Torti Waits 772 Days To Be Adopted! Coaxed Out Of Hiding By Friendly Sight-Challenged Cat

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Former feral cat Tori, has finally realized she is surrounded by support and love. 

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

For Tori, life began in a feral cat colony full of unknown hardships.

She was trapped during a TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) collaboration between rescue group Catering to Cats and Dogs and Mac Tabby Cat Cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Instead of returning her to the area after she was fixed though, they focused on rehabbing the young cat. It took YEARS of continued love and attention to get her to trust humans. 

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

Tori was in two foster homes, and for a LONG time she still ran and hid when she heard the doorknob turn.

By the time she was at her second foster home, she started to slowly come around and her sweet personality started to shine.

It was then they decided they wanted to take a chance on her living at the Mac Tabby Cat Cafe.

The cafe owner and staff were happy to accept the challenge!


Since she’d been in a feral colony, she was used to other cats but remained stand-offish in the new environment.  

When she arrived at the cafe, she stayed high up on the top shelf in the corner for a very long time.

Photo: ~ Cats Rita and Tori

She was scared to be touched by the cafe guests, but they were still encouraged to try, as did staff and volunteers.

Every day, she got to see what kind and gentle people were all about, and she very slowly began to relax.

Then, one day, another cat named Lucas literally called up to her!

He was a black and white cat with only one good eye. 

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

Lucas started to meow to her, and she began answering! It was like they were having a conversation.

She stood up, hopped down the shelf planks and from then on started to hang out on the floor of the cafe instead of hidden away!

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe ~ Kayty Harrelson Manager photo

Workers recall that it “was pretty amazing to witness” the unique friendship.

The MEOWtivation from this silly boy was all Tori needed to find her confidence.

We’re pretty sure it’s Lucas’s “live everyday to the fullest” mentality <3 Or as long as your attention span lasts! 

Day after day, she got more used to people and eventually even laid on her back and let people pet her fluffy, velvety tummy!

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

She has a high-pitched little squeak of a voice and would answer when talked to.

Tori loved her hammock bed under the chair legs and would sit for hours and be petted by hourly guests.

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe ~ Visitor Post by Bradi Ralph

She began to truly love life, and being loved.

In March, Lucas was adopted into his fur-ever home. As sad as everyone was to say good-bye, they were extremely grateful for what he had done for Tori

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

Without Lucas coaxing her down out of her comfort zone, Tori’s life may not have turned around for many more years. 

Not only did Tori accept love from humans now, she was regularly found interacting with the other cats in the cafe.

Tori had been in foster care for just over 2 years; 7 of those months at the cat cafe.

They knew the right family was out there for her. They just needed to remember their patience would eventually pay off.

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe

And they were right!

After her story was highlighted in a newscast last week, a local couple knew she was perfect for them and rushed to the cafe.

She was adopted after a long 772 days. 

Many kind people looked after this sweet cat from day 1 until day 772. 

Joyfully, it was one friendly cat who convinced her to come down off her perch and give the world a second chance.

Photo: Facebook @mactabbycatcafe
Mac Tabby Cat Cafe owner Lori Konawalik, happily shared Tori’s new journey with us. 

“Now she is home in her own cat tree in a big picture window. She has settled in with a retired couple who love her and she is living peacefully in her cozy new home.”

“All this because she was given a chance… from the streets to the good life, after 2 years and 42 days of finding her way.”

Louisa with the snag… but Tori wins for best acrobatics?

Posted by Mac Tabby Cat Café on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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  1. Thank you Chris for all of the stories you share. I appreciate the information you give us. May things I didn’t know about. So glad it all worked out for both the cats in this story. Because of you Cat Cafe stories I found out we have 4 of them within 20 miles of me that I didn’t even know about. This has made me happy Thanks again.

  2. Hi My there, I have a black kitty name Mid
    Night. I have had him since he was three
    months old. He still is scared of strange.
    The only thing I have problems with,is he likes
    different wet foods. His favorite are is chicken
    snacks. He won’t go with out those, he eats
    dry food to. Another thing is he won’t let
    us put the flea medicine on him. I love him
    no matter what. Now he two years old.

  3. What a sweet story! ? So glad things worked out, and Tori and Lucas found thier forever people.
    I’m fostering 4, 6 month old and 5, 8 week old babies all from the same ferril mama. I was finally able to trap her with this last litter and had her spayed.
    The older 4 are still scared of humans and I can only pet one. Actually she loves to be held and is just so sweet, and is in her forever home. ? I’m afraid the others are un-adoptable, but now hearing another success story I’ll continue as I was with a ton of patience and love.
    I have to laugh cuz I’ve always been a dog person but had 9 stray loves in my yard that disagreed. Now I have my two forevers, the 2 litters..thier mama.. A total of 12!!! ?

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