Lucky Kitten Rescued From Shower…After Being Trapped For 2 Days!

Photo: Facebook @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice

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We’ve found that while writing stories about rescuing kittens and cats, these curious animals get trapped in the craziest places! 

Just last weekend, a families 9-week-old kitten did just that. 

The firefighters at the Rewley Road Station in Oxford received an unusual call on the morning of September 29th. 

Right before 10:00 a.m. they were dispatched to a local residence whose family feline had been trapped UNDER their shower. 

“Paws” for a moment….okay ready? 

The kitten had been stuck there for 2 days! 

Photo: Facebook @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice

Little girl Keiko, which means ‘lucky’, is certainly living up to her name. 

News reports do not mention just how the tiny girl managed to weasel her way under the shower. 

Her owners likely tried to coax her out of the space with no success. Obviously the area was too small to reach in an grab her. 

But the young, stubborn girl refused to come out. 

After 2 days, they were worried that she was hurt and COULDN’T get out. That’s when her frightened owners called in the experts. 

The experienced firefighters spend months learning how to fight deadly, dangerous blazes.

Photo: Facebook @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice

So although they may not deal with rescuing kittens every day, they made quick work of saving her. 

Furthermore, they did it without causing any damage to the shower OR causing any injuries to the kitten. 

Incident Commander, Crew Manager Nik Brown, happily holds the shocked fur-baby after the ordeal. 

Photo: Facebook @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice

They were quick to post the delightful photo on the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (Official) Facebook page.

Commander Brown assured citizens Keiko had learned a valuable lesson.

Keiko was a very co-operative casualty who has taken onboard our advice about confined spaces. She is being treated to lots of cuddles by her owners”

“We work very closely with the RSPCA for animal incidents who are normally the first point of contact, but where we can assist them on their request, we are more than happy to help!”

Photo: Facebook @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice

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