Family of Felines Abandoned with Multiple Diseases, All Learn to Love Again From Foster Mom

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A mama cat and her 2 kittens were abandoned by a heartless human who refused to take responsibility for the young family. 

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

Fortunately, experienced fosterer Janet with the Osaka Kitten Nursery, stepped up. 

While they are still working on their non-profit status, there was no way she could turn down helping these felines. 

Janet welcomed the trio into her home in mid-May.

Right away they all needed her expertise and dedication to stop their suffering.

Photos: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka ~ (L) Mom Nette, (R) Garfield back, Gizmo front

Especially little Gizmo the runt, who had a rare medical issue.

This little cutie was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, or water on the brain.

If his disease worsened as he grew, eventually he would need to undergo surgery.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

Cat Mom Nette, Gizmo, and his slightly larger brother, Garfield, all had Upper Respiratory Infections, fleas and were malnourished.

This was making it hard to breathe and difficult to eat since they couldn’t breathe through their noses.

It was very tough for Janet to see Nette panic when trying to take large bites of food and then not catch her breath.

Poor Garfield also had an ear infection that needed treatment.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

The very young Nette, estimated to be only about a year old, was going into heat again, which can be painful and traumatic.

Medications were administered, humidifiers were set up and after a couple days, the felines began feeling better.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

In the world of kitten fostering, bathroom “breaks” are cause for celebration when they become regular.

Janet was happy to share this on her Facebook page on May 22nd.

“Today he peed twice on me but how can I be mad with such a cutie and it’s not his fault for being clumsy!”

Now that the virus was cleared up, Gizmo needed to focus on his wobbly gait. 

Feeling better, he began testing out his bodies “play” function. To everyone’s delight, he seemed to not let anything stand in his way of fun.

We had a video from mama san so now we going to make you're day with our little hydrocephalus kitten Gizmo let have some fun just watching happy little kitten play

Posted by Osaka kitten nursery on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


With Janet’s care and love, the abandoned family was beginning to see that life was worth living.

By May 28th, Gizmo’s little neonatal “potato” belly was full and he was bravely introducing himself to the other foster cats at the nursery.

His transformation from sickly little neonate to playful kitten was heartwarming!

Gizmo from immobile malnourished kitten to playfully little chubby kitty and that just because of you who support us gizmo said big thank you to all his fans and supporter ! Soon we will go with him to the vet for check up and treatment possibilities ! But so far looking good right ?!

Posted by Osaka kitten nursery on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Janet was sure to monitor him carefully though as he was still bumping into things.

He was just so excited to run and play!

She got him a tiny pop-up tent to sleep in. This way the other cats wouldn’t wake him up during his much-needed rest and he could move around safely.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

He was a stubborn kitten though, and refused to eat his slurry, a mix of baby kitten food and formula. Gizmo instinctively ‘trained’ Janet to feed him by syringe long after he was to be weaned off it.

Using the litter box on his own was also something he was behind for his age.

Janet figured it may be due to his handicap and was always there to help him out.

And in his way of thanking her, by June 1st he was slurping up food and using the litter box successfully!

Finally I got a video of gizmo eating his slurp ! And he did potty as well in the litter box and afterwards he went to sleep in his tent

Posted by Osaka kitten nursery on Thursday, May 31, 2018


While Gizmo had been facing his Hydrocephalus head on, brother Garfield was fighting to finally clear up his ear and respiratory infections. 

After a month of treatments and some isolation, Garfield felt better enough to join in his brothers fun. 

Little Garfield is now enjoying life with his new temporary family ! We're all very grateful for all the support we got until now ! Next week we plan to go see doctor for both gizmo and Garfield !For human and cats counts you can only get well if you feel happy ! Garfield got 5 days non stop treatment of antibiotics so I decide it's should be safe for all to play together , the socializing tent did a great job and only 1 day and one night and now Garfield can room free without any problems , he still bit jumpy around human but love to get a snuggle next to me !

Posted by Osaka kitten nursery on Friday, June 15, 2018


But when the kittens were taken to the vet for their first vaccines in June, poor Gizmo had a bad reaction. 

This was obviously made even scarier because of his condition. 

Janet is great about keeping her followers and dedicated supporters up-to-date on the felines in her care. 

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

On June 21st she posted Gizmo’s status after a return trip to the vet.

“He suffered from side effects of the vaccination, just like human children, but otherwise he doing good.”

“The hole in his head is closing up like it’s should be, vet told us in the beginning that because of the water in his brain, it may not close and that we have to be very careful. But Gizmo is little fighter!”

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

Gizmo also received medicine to reduce the pressure in his head more. He was given an IV with minerals and fever reducers, happily as a donation from the vet! 

This didn’t matter to Gizmo in the least though and he was not happy with the IV. Fighting his best, he eventually surrendered. 

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

And as soon as they arrived home, he was hungry and wanted to play with his foster brothers. Maybe next time he’ll remember it’s worth it to visit the vet =)

As the days went by, Gizmo and Garfield became more and more adventurous.

Although Gizmo is not so sure about stairs, so they help him up and down.


In August, momma Nette was taken into foster care on a trial basis to see if she’d get along with the families cats.

Sadly, Janet was still trying to raise the funds for her spay surgery, but with the kittens medical needs, it continued to evade her.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka

Being an individual rescuer, Janet initially does this all on her own dime.

She does have an Amazon Wishlist and fundraisers are the only way she can help these cats. 

But she refuses to give up, even with tsunamis and earthquakes plaguing her home!

Between repairs and storms, her foster family is always at the top of her priorities list.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka ~ Damage to the home from Tsunami

Thankfully, by September 20th, her home was repaired and there was enough money to have Garfield and Nette both fixed.

On September 23rd, little Garfield found his fur-ever home too.

Janet wished her little guy the best and had to remind herself that “the goal is goodbye”.

Photos: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka
Now it’s time for Gizmo to find his furever home.

He’s helping out around the house with the new fosters, that is after he realized they were fun to play with.

Photo: Facebook @kittenmamaOsaka ~ Gizmo growing up and helping with the new foster kittens

He still get treatments to reduce pressure and water on his brain.

The only other option is dangerous surgery to insert a shunt. This would alleviate the pressure caused by the fluid buildup. But that would have to be repeated because a shunt can get a blockage!

Thankfully, Janet’s vet said Gizmo doesn’t need a shunt just yet.

He is a happy kitten bouncing around, just bit more clumsily than others.

Please be sure to follow Osaka Kitten Nursery on Facebook and if you want to help further, she’s always thankful for donations and assistance.




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