Unique “Catification” Designs Are Something Out Of This World!


So proclaims the website for some out-of-this-world feline inspired furniture. We couldn’t agree more.

Photo: www.myzoostudio.com

These unique designs are created and manufactured by MyZooStudio, located in Taiwan.

Skilled artists handcraft each item. 

Photo: www.myzoostudio.com

Every “space-crafty” piece has a comfy bed, air vents and a viewing dome!

This wonderfully modern style is sure to please both choosy humans and cats!

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Space Plans were made for 3 different styles of exploration. The Alpha, Beta and Gamma models.

Cats can keep their paws close to Earth’s surface with the Alpha, designed to sit on the floor.

Photo: www.myzoostudio.com ~ The Alpha

There are 2 bubble domes for a complete range of sight while surveying the environment.

This can also be used atop tables and dressers.

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Does your fur-kid like to be elevated for even more supurrvising of the “humans”?

The Beta design is made to rest upright on a solid surface. Whatever that may be.

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

They can lounge dreamily in the Beta while staring up into the infinite universe.

Either way, felines can feel protected and under cover with plenty of room to periscope out the top. 

Photo: www.myzoostudio.com


Finally, if you have a cat that wants to conquer galaxies and climb to greater heights, then the Gamma model is a must. 

Photo: www.myzoostudio.com & Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

This thoughtful construction was made for feline overlords who want to gaze down upon their admirers.

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Made to by mounted on the wall, and again, completed with a viewing window.

You can rest assured, you’ll always be “meownitored”. 

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Not only does the feline friendly company create space themed cat beds, they have a variety of other functional art available. 

Do you wish to give your beloved cat everything under the sun and moon?

Now, you can actually give them the Sun and Moon!

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Perhaps your sweetheart deserves some stylish honeycomb housing?

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Maybe you prefer a more understated, but still utterly sleek and captivating design for your home?

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Shelving, cabinets, cubbies and more will surely suit your style. 

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

You can find the items here. 

Happily it looks like they ship to quite a few places for us crazy cat people.

Seems like the pieces are quite a hit with the kitties!

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

Blast off to catification and happy fur-babies!  

In 2016, Animal Space Space Agency is preparing to develop one of the world’s most comfortable pet sleeping nests. After a year of design, experimentation, modification, and numerous times of being shot by space, the final space capsule alpha was born. Plan alpha is a space travel plan that plans to launch the capsule alpha to each planet to protect the space scattered around. We. The alpha-like shape of the capsule-like shape is suitable for all kinds of cat body and posture. The large-size acrylic with a diameter of 35cm has excellent light transmission and the best view. The air circulation inside the cabin is designed to ensure the cabin. The environment is full of oxygen and moderate heat. Later, the beta and gamma space capsules were developed to meet the different needs of the people! Space Project Portal http://www.myzoostudio.com/copy-of-8


Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

If you aren’t in the market for cat furniture but still love seeing adorable photos, please follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Apparently it’s not just cats that love the furniture! 

Photo: Facebook @MyZoo.pet.product

The ads on this site allow us to raise the necessary funds to continue helping cats in need.

Thank you FUR your support!

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