Emergency Crews Called In To Help Cat Found In Very Odd Location!

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Silo’s were constructed to hold grain or corn in the farming community.

…Not cats.

But that is exactly where one curious feline found himself.

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

Followers of the Cleveland County Fire Scanner group on Facebook, were shocked to hear the call come in on Saturday, September 29th.

“2:01 PM: Cat trapped in a silo | Slaughterville Fire responding to a cat stuck 30-50 feet up in an empty silo……. never thought I’d hear that dispatched over the radio.”

Around 12:30 pm that day, deputies Travis Shroyer and Keith Webb were dispatched to the location for an animal welfare check.

Deputy Shroyer was clearly the first choice for an animal related call.

His partner happens to be an adorable, and highly-trained 2-year-old German Shepard named Hevey!

Don’t worry for the cat in question, Hevey didn’t go with this time. =)

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

This didn’t stop the experienced animal loving officers from being shocked when they arrived onsite to find an odd situation unfolding.

A curious 2-year-old cat named Boots had gotten stuck on a silo.

This precarious position just happened to be on the SIDE of the structure, about 40-50 feet up the massive 150-foot silo!

They tried to reach the scared cat with a ladder found on the scene, but unfortunately this was not long enough.

So they called for reinforcements.

Photo: Facebook @sfdladiesauxiliary

The Slaughterville Fire department showed up ready and able.

With their oversized equipment…obviously purrfect for emergencies just like this…they were able to reach Boots in no time. 

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

Boots was safely snuggled in his owners arms shortly there-after. 

Although you can’t tell from Boots’ face, he was just as thrilled as his owner to be down safe. 

Explore closer to ground level next time fearless cat! =)

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

The crews were thanked for certainly going “above and beyond the call of duty”.

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

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