Emergency Crews Called In To Help Cat Found In Very Odd Location!

Silo’s were constructed to hold grain or corn in the farming community.

…Not cats.

But that is exactly where one curious feline found himself.

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

Followers of the Cleveland County Fire Scanner group on Facebook, were shocked to hear the call come in on Saturday, September 29th.

“2:01 PM: Cat trapped in a silo | Slaughterville Fire responding to a cat stuck 30-50 feet up in an empty silo……. never thought I’d hear that dispatched over the radio.”

Around 12:30 pm that day, deputies Travis Shroyer and Keith Webb were dispatched to the location for an animal welfare check.

Deputy Shroyer was clearly the first choice for an animal related call.

His partner happens to be an adorable, and highly-trained 2-year-old German Shepard named Hevey!

Don’t worry for the cat in question, Hevey didn’t go with this time. =)

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

This didn’t stop the experienced animal loving officers from being shocked when they arrived onsite to find an odd situation unfolding.

A curious 2-year-old cat named Boots had gotten stuck on a silo.

This precarious position just happened to be on the SIDE of the structure, about 40-50 feet up the massive 150-foot silo!

They tried to reach the scared cat with a ladder found on the scene, but unfortunately this was not long enough.

So they called for reinforcements.

Photo: Facebook @sfdladiesauxiliary

The Slaughterville Fire department showed up ready and able.

With their oversized equipment…obviously purrfect for emergencies just like this…they were able to reach Boots in no time. 

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

Boots was safely snuggled in his owners arms shortly there-after. 

Although you can’t tell from Boots’ face, he was just as thrilled as his owner to be down safe. 

Explore closer to ground level next time fearless cat! =)

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

The crews were thanked for certainly going “above and beyond the call of duty”.

Photo: Facebook @ClevelandCountySheriff

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  1. Yeah but you totally missed that there is no mention of what state this took place in.

    Please don’t email me if you have any questions.

  2. I’m not sure grammar is all that important to most social media users. Especially since social media has it’s own shorthand. 😉 B-4, Lol, …
    As for rescuing cat’s from high places I’ve heard two sides to that. First that they can’t get down on their own or are afraid to come down on their own. Well then I’ve heard that is just a rumour or old wives tail and that cat’s are perfectly capable of getting down on their own. Of course I then heard that cats can’t get down because they can’t climb down backwards because of the way their claws are placed. I’m not sure what to make of it. 😉

  3. Nadine Johnson, for most cats who fail to come down on their own in spite of being stuck up a tree or other climbable object, it is usually fear but could sometimes be ascribed to not having been taught by a mother or other adult how to back down a foothold at a time with their claws hanging in. A cat’s claws are hooked so they hang from them going up the tree as they dig them into the tree bark (or carpet on a cat tree inside) for example. The trick to getting down is to lower from foot to foot looking over their shoulder until they are low enough to turn facing down then run down or jump. I had a crippled kitty who had co-ordination issues in her hind quarters. She had no fear of heights. She chased a squirrel up the tree over my husband’s head (6.5 ‘) then looked around and pushed off into the air and landed sort of splat in the grass then got up and shook herself out before she took off running again.

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