Second Kitten Found Injured On Stretch Of Road In Ohio; Happy To Be Saved But May Have Scars Forever

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One stretch of highway in Sardina, Ohio, sadly seems to be a new “dumping ground” for some heartless humans. One month apart (almost to the DAY!), 2 kittens have been rescued with devastating injuries. Both were tossed away or ignored, without concern for their young lives. Both must deal with the scars of the trauma they’ve suffered.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Fortunately that stretch along the Route 32 highway is traveled by some very caring people. 

And you can be sure that with the recent events, they are keeping a VERY watchful eye on this location! In addition, some have even mentioned contacting local authorities and city members to request additional resources. 

The thought that it could be the same horrible person doing this to animals in the area is extremely concerning. Not only for the abused kittens already found. But what this behavior can lead to in life towards other humans as well. Scars can be more than skin deep for everyone involved. That is to say, if they make it out alive.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

But this past Saturday, September 29th, 2018, Monty Fairley noticed something lying on the side of the road. As he got closer, he noticed it was a young kitten! 

The poor girl had possibly been thrown from a vehicle, as the previous kitten was. Or she had been abandoned there and hit by a passing car. Her back right leg was limp which made her easy for Monty to catch.

He called his friend and avid animal rescuer, Chasity Cecil. Chasity and her husband had been driving along that same stretch of road when they witnessed a kitten being thrown from a car too! The first girl, little Hope, was recovering with them after her ordeal. Read Hope’s story at the bottom of this article! 

Chasity was quick to help again, and rushed to pick up the kitten so the physical and emotional scars could begin to heal ASAP.

The poor little girl was COVERED in large fleas, which caused her to be anemic. And she was starving, her little body just “skin and bones”. 

Upon checking out her leg injury, it seemed severely broken and completely numb as the kitten didn’t react to any stimulation. When they touched her paw, she didn’t notice at all. 

She was also laying on the leg, unaware of the damage and dragging the leg around when she walked. 

With the recent amputation required on Hope, Chasity feared this 2nd kitten would face the same fate. 

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

She named the girl Faith. 

After a long and much-needed bath, Chasity had washed and combed a ridiculous number of fleas of the frail girl.

Photos courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Throughout the whole ordeal, little Faith has been super friendly, meaning she was not likely a feral or even stray cat.

Makes it even more sad to think about someone throwing her away like trash.

Purring contently after her bath, she gazes at her rescuers gratefully.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Faith had a vet visit at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. She was given de-wormer, flea treatment and pain medications for her leg. X-rays were taken and they spent the day awaiting the diagnosis to find out what could be done to help her. 

Knowing animal rescue isn’t easy or cheap, Chasity put the call out to her supporters for donations. She and her husband take care of the rescues all on their own dime initially.

They know they could not do what they do without the help of others. 

In the first 24, primarily overnight hours, they raised half of their initial $500 fundraising goal to help give Faith the best chance. 

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

That afternoon, it was time for the 2nd visit to the vet for the x-ray results and any services they would be able to now perform.

Around 3:00 p.m. Chasity gave us a promising update!

This now means that their fundraising efforts are in full swing, needing a total of $1250.00 for Faith’s care. 

They will have to wait and see if there is any nerve damage to her damaged leg. 

If you would like to help Faith, Hope and all the other animals the Cecil’s have opened their hearts to, please visit the GoFundMe pages here.




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