VERY Pregnant Cat Rescued From Streets ~ Not Only With New Babies On The Way, But 3 From Previous Litter!


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While writing an article on new mama cat Fable who was winning hearts over at Kitten Academy, we learned of another special mother cat…Verse. Verse was found as a stray by a local rescue group that Kitten Academy foster for, “On Angel’s Wings”. This was just in the nick of time because she was VERY pregnant!

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ VERY pregnant Verse!

Not only was the beautiful feline carrying a heavy load, she also had 3 kittens from a previous litter still with her!

The trio were about 3 or 4 months old. Since a cat’s gestation period is about 63 days, poor Verse had been pregnant 2 times already just this year alone, only months apart! That’s just what we KNOW of.

The worn out mama deserved nothing less than a safe, indoor home to have her last litter and then be spayed.

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Verse

In a first for Kitten Academy, they not only took in Verse and prepared for her babies, but opened their hearts to the older kittens too. When no other fosters were available, they couldn’t allow the them to just go into the “caged environment” at a shelter.

The entire clowder was welcomed into the academy.

They firmly believe that at some point, Verse had been a house cat. She was extremely loving and friendly almost immediately. As for the kittens being around humans, they explained:

“Her older kittens probably were not, because they are quite shy. They are certainly not feral – just extra cautious and shy.” 

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Verse’s Previous Litter

Since the older siblings had just received vaccinations, they needed to be separated from Verse and her developing litter. Thankfully, they all checked out healthy though.

But by the time they were all rescued, the previous litter was past the point of relying on Verse anyways. They got to happily spend their time in the Kitten Academy master suite; no complaining from them!

Meet male, Stanza, and females, Prose and Meter.

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Stanza
Courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Prose
Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Meter

After a visit to the vet, they learned that the extremely rotund Verse still had almost a month before she was due!!! At her size, they anxiously awaited the day for an accurate ultrasound to be done.

When the day finally arrived, they were shocked to discover that she could have as many as ten kittens! At a follow up appointment with an X-ray to confirm, they received a definitive count of 9 babies. Still quite a daunting expectation!

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Baby “bump”!

The additional good news from the vet was, “that Verse and the kittens seem perfectly healthy and recommends allowing her to deliver naturally at home. She doesn’t anticipate any issues.”

Now, each day, the Kitten Academy Faculty and their fans around the world monitored Verse carefully.

She prepared her own birthing box with an experienced eye, accepting what the humans had presented to her. 

Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Verse preparing her birthing box

With 24-hour webcams available online, they literally had eyes all over the globe to make sure the very pregnant mama stayed on track. Updates on Verse’s progress were posted on their Facebook page and website.

Stanza, Prose and Meter were starting to come out of their shells more and more. They had their sterilization surgeries on September 4th, and were soon ready to find their fur-ever homes.

FINALLY on Sunday, September 16th, Verse gave birth to the very larger litter of 9 kittens. 

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Skinny Side Pose

Dedicated subscribers to their webcams, and we’re talking EXTREMELY dedicated, spent over 9 hours watching and supporting a very pregnant Verse throughout the birth of the kittens. One ameowzing woman helped further by recording the times each kitten was delivered! 

Fate intervened 5 days later however, and Kitten Academy shared some heartbreaking news with their followers.

The tiny runt of the litter tried his hardest to hold on and even with their support, love and experience, some things are just out of our control. 

Kitten Academy has a “No Sad’s Policy”; something they stand by as their one official rule.

Their website explains: 

What it means is that we can’t stomach hearing about cats and kittens in distress, even if we know the story ends well. And therefore, we never want to tell those sorts of stories. Even if our kittens come from a rough beginning, the story we want to focus on is the wonderful time they have at the Kitten Academy and thereafter. Our mission is to share happiness in this time when it seems people need it more than ever.

Due to the nature of what we do, though, sometimes, sad things may happen. In those cases, we’ve decided that we will just tell you the facts, in the least exploitative way possible. We’re not here to play on your heartstrings with tragedy, just to inform you of the news, even when it’s unfortunate.

So to cheer you up, here is good news, videos and smile-inducing pictures, introducing Verse’s new babies! 

Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ (L) Ace – Male & (R) Astute – Male (No Marking)
Courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ (L) Bookworm – Male (Red Neck) & (R) Erudite – Female (Star Back)
Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ (L) Flair – Female (Most Grey) & (R) Poise – Female (Star Neck)
Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ (L) Prodigy – Male (Blue Tail) & (R) Wise – Male (Green Back)

So, still not enough heart-bursting, adorable neonatal cuteness for you?!

Try not to “awwww” outloud while watching a video of the roly-poly kittens. 

Still not had enough? How about this?

Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Happy New Family

Or maybe a few little peepers?

Just yesterday afternoon, their little baby blues began opening! Ace, Book and Wise are leading the pack. 

Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ (L to R) Ace, Book and Wise

Be sure to follow Kitten Academy and their amazing humans working to help save (some very pregnant) cats and kittens! 

Kitten Academy Live Stream:

Kitten Academy Facebook:

Everything else you want to know & to apply to ADOPT A CUTIE!!! =)


Photo courtesy of Kitten Academy ~ Well-Versed Kittens Announcement

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