Does Your Cat Have A Bit Of This Trait? Most Talkative Cat Breeds

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Cats have a reputation for being quiet pets who will only let out a gentle meow to remind you it’s dinnertime. Or perhaps, a quiet hiss if you push your luck and pet them too long. However, the following cats didn’t get the memo. Meet five of the most talkative–and captivating–cat breeds who are loud and proud.

The Siamese: Persistent Pussycats

When Siamese cats want something, you’ll know about it. Their distinctive yowls and howls will persist until you give in to their requests, which are usually for attention, food, or both. If you try to ignore them, these cats can quite happily keep up their wailing for hours. Siamese cats are devoted but demanding, and their strong wills are so endearing. The talkative genes are strong with a Siamese.

The Burmese: Loyal But Loud Pets

Just like the Siamese, Burmese cats have a reputation for craving affection — and being very vocal if their needs aren’t met! Don’t think Burmese cats will be quiet if you’re spending time with them, though. They’ll typically seize the opportunity to regale you with stories of their day if you take the time to listen.

The Devon Rex: Talkative Quirky Kitties

While they’re not usually as loud or demanding as the Siamese or Burmese, Devon Rexes are far from shy. This highly intelligent breed will get vocal at feeding times, just to make sure you don’t forget their meals. Meow at them, and you’re likely to get a meow back. They’re also known to howl and yowl when they’re really upset, like when they’re left alone. These quirky-looking cats love company, so you may want to get two if you work long hours.

The Maine Coon: Expressive Fluffballs

Maine Coons have small meows relative to other cats, but they use them often. Their owners insist they can hear different sounds, which can best be described as combinations of meows, trills, and chirps, depending on whether their cats are hungry, feeling playful, or craving attention. Several Maine Coons living in the same household may even seem to have their own secret feline language that they use to talk to one another. While Maine Coons are sociable cats, they’re not as needy as the other breeds discussed above.

The Turkish Van: Striking Chatterboxes

When you get a Turkish Van, you’ll be struck not just by its beauty but also by its vocal nature. Unlike so many vocal kitties, Turkish Vans are not lap cats. They are highly energetic and have no time to simply sit when there’s exploring to be done and conversations to be had. Turkish Vans are likely to be noisiest at night, when your insistence that they stay inside puts an end to their independent adventures.

For a feline companion who will always let you know what’s on its mind, you may like to look to one of these most talkative cat breeds. Visit your local shelter to find purebred and mixed varieties of these vocal cats searching for their forever homes.

Remember that rescued is always the best breed!

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