Mama Fable’s Adorable “Tales” Live; New Feline Family Winning Hearts 24/7 On Webcams Across The World

Kitten Academy

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If you are not “furmailiar” with Kitten Academy yet…first, you are welcome.

Second, be prepared to take your addiction to online felines to the next level.

Third, lovely new cat-mom Fable and her 3 precious little “tails” will surely draw you in to their happy ever after!

Photo: Kitten Academy


Kitten Academy is a wonderfully magical place where “Kittens Learn To Cat”. Step through the door of this beautiful residential home in Northern Illinois, and you will have stepped into a furry fantasy world.

But if you are not lucky enough to live in the area and adopt one of their graduates, rest assured you will not miss out on one second of the joy this family brings to the world.

You can watch Kitten Academy’s live stream here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all their “catty” updates!

Photo: Kitten Academy ~ The Breakfast Club Kittens

The humans that run the meowniversity, Chris and Deepa (DJ), knew that one of their life goals was to have newborn kittens in their home. So in 2015, knowing the most responsible way to do this was to work with a local foster organization, they teamed up with On Angel’s Wings.

They quickly fell in love with taking care of the young kittens and helping them grow in a safe environment.

They “graduated” to new mother cats and wanting to ensure everything was well with the families, set up a baby monitor. Then genius struck! The adorable scenes they were blessed to witness between the newborns and their mothers shouldn’t be secret. They needed to share this with the world!

Photo: Kitten Academy ~ Lap Full Of Love

So on April 20th, 2016 the first webcam went live and has been delighting and hooking cat people ever since.

With over 228,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 10 MILLION views, there’s a lot of footage to indulge in. This includes close-up features on the cats, unboxing videos and special guests…some you may recognize…*cough cough*…when we dropped off Graycie at the school.

Now fast furward to Fable’s Tale.

This lucky mama was brought to the Kitten Academy on July 10th 2018. She is a very delicate and tiny lady; a bit shy when she first arrived, but open to her new rescuers love.

Initially, they weren’t sure if she was pregnant because of her small size, but a trip to the vet for an ultrasound and x-rays confirmed there were 3 little heartbeats. Fable was only 2 weeks from an expected delivery date!

Photo: Kitten Academy

Everyone was on high alert and ready for the new babies to make their entrances into the world. Then on July 20th, Fable began having contractions.

Having been through this multiple times now, Chris and DJ felt there was something a bit “off” and that labor wasn’t going as easily for the young mama as expected. They quickly rushed her to the vet just to be safe.

Photo: Kitten Academy

But fate had other plans. Mama Fable gave birth to 2 little munchkins on the way to the vet!

Everyone was healthy and stable. The veterinary staff gave them all an exam, agreed everything looked great and the with way Fable was progressing, there would be no reason she needed to remain at the vet’s office.

Since it can take cats up to 6 hours to fully deliver, the relieved family was carefully loaded back into the car and headed home. Mama cared for her new babes lovingly.

Photo: Kitten Academy

But, fate stepped in again and the third little nugget was delivered on the drive home. Kitten Academy laughingly exclaimed, So all three of this class were born in the car!  Of course Fable’s kittens would have to start life with a good story to tell!”

Again, everything went as smooth as could be for mama and the family arrived home with a few new classmates.

Photo: Kitten Academy

Meet Ink…

Photo: Kitten Academy


Photo: Kitten Academy

…and Parchment.

Photo: Kitten Academy


The family has been an absolute hit on the live feeds and now their delighted fans could be there for every moment of the kittens development. They are quick to save snippits of the live videos or screenshots of the trio as they grow, play, sit and anything else utterly charming.

The first time their eyes’ opened.

Photo: Kitten Academy


Their first wiggles and playing.

Deciding just how to tell Ink and Quill apart HAHA.

Photo: Kitten Academy


Now, as the weeks and months have gone by, it’s time for them to find their furever homes. All four of them are up for adoption and if you are interested, please fill out an application on the Kitten Academy website.

Photo: Kitten Academy – Mommy Lessons Learned

We hope that growing up in the spotlight, these felines will someday have their own channel like many other Kitten Academy graduates have. This way their surrogate purrents around the world can be there for all the milestones in their fortunate lives. <3

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