Big Boss & The Gang: Meet The World’s Most Odd & Wonderful Mixed Fur-Family!

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DISCLAIMER *We do NOT condone forcing your pets to dress up or interact with other cats or different species, if they are not agreeable. They are living creatures, not dolls that can be forced to play together! 

What do hamsters, chihuahuas and cats have in common? Not much.

But for the Yuta family in Bangkok, Thailand, this unlikely combination make the purrfect furry mixed family.

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

The mere fact that their human can get a group of THIS size and ages to sit still for photos is beyond amazing! 

These Instagram stars delight their 116,000 followers on their Big Boss and The Gang page. Not only do the rare siblings share a special bond with each other, they all seem to be the most chill animals ever.

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

Chief Richie is the big “cat” of the gang. Even though this fluffy feline may have “resting grouch face”, he is overjoyed on the inside. Sometimes he even lets is shine through in a rare photo. 

He is sure to stand guard, cuddle and lead his charges with love and devotion. And they honorably watch over him in return.  

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

Spending time with each other seems to be their favorite activity – sleeping or awake. 

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

Where can a tiny hamster duo find a convenient place to have a snack? Well atop a pup of course! 

You can be sure to start your mornings with a smile to match these adorable little faces!


Apparently Richie and the whole gang have fully embraced the life of internet stars with no objections.

While the rest of us are struggling to get that one purrfect photo, they can’t seem to get enough of Richie and his willing co-models. 

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

Being dressed up, cuddling and even taking a dip in the pool together don’t seem to phase this family in the least. And you can be sure, NO ANIMAL is going to stay put when they don’t want to…of any species!

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Sometimes you still need a little alone time to recharge though. 

Photos: Instagram @yutafamily

Or scout new family members to bring into the fold? Although Richie may find this potential sibling not as cuddly as the rest!

Photo: Instagram @yutafamily

Perhaps being introduced to each other at such a young age, they welcome their siblings with open paws. But that doesn’t make the love of this family any less rare and wonderful. 

As much as we all wish our fur-babies would get along this well, at least we can all dream and live vicariously through Big Boss and The Gang on their social media pages.




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  1. Just totally incredibly awesome. What a Family. Totally amazing pictures and videos. So many animals just all together getting along with each other appearing to enjoy each other. So beautiful.

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