Kitten Goes For Ride “IN” Car; Rescued From Quite A Dangerous Position!

Photo Courtesy: Jackie Lopez

One woman received quite a surprise as she was driving 2 weeks ago.

Thankfully for the summer weather, as she drove with the windows down, she heard a strange sound coming from her car. A cat was meowing from her vehicle!

Stopping the car immediately, she pulled into a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot to investigate. Jackie Lopez of Hamden, Connecticut, was utterly in shock at what she saw. A young kitten was IN her tire!

Photo Courtesy: Jackie Lopez

The small ginger was partially sticking out of her drivers side rear wheel. Luckily there were no visible wounds on the small kitten but Jackie’s heart just broke seeing the poor furbaby in the dangerous position…as many of us likely did when seeing this photo!

She called the Hamden Animal Control right away and Officer Mitch Gibbs hurried to the site.

While Jackie anxiously waited for animal control, a good Samaritan stopped to see if he could assist. Thinking perhaps she just had a flat tire, Hamden resident Michael Morgillo never thought he would be helping save a life in a much more dire situation.

Photo Courtesy: Jackie Lopez

Morgillo began carefully examining the tire to see if there was a safe way to extract the kitten but found the trapped feline was actually wedged BETWEEN the tire and the brake pad!

Not the normal spot kittens are found when they manage to climb up in a car. Usually it’s in the engine compartment or the wheel well. 

Officer Gibbs arrived soon after and the two men worked together to re-position the tire. This way they could finally pull the kitten free and out of harm’s way. 

Photo Courtesy: Jackie Lopez

The kitten is male, about a month old and to everyone’s relief did not sustain any serious injuries. Although there are some crooked whiskers on the scared little kitten who certainly used up one of his 9 lives. Happily he will have many more years ahead of him now, thanks to these caring humans. 

They took the kitten to the local animal hospital to make sure there were no other internal injuries and everything checked out great!

thank God for great people who helped me today!

Posted by Jackie Lopez on Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Jackie shared the story on her Facebook page and friends and family were amazed at the way her day had started. The loving woman could only do so much for the furbaby, though her big heart wished so much more. 

“I’m so happy the kitten is doing well! I’m terribly allergic to cats and so is my son or else I would have taken him home. I hope this kitten is placed in a nice home“.

When Jackie’s neighbor learned of the fiasco, they mentioned there was a stray mama cat in the neighborhood that also had another 2 kittens they believe this baby is litter mates with. They haven’t been able to catch the family to TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) or hopefully get them adopted out. 

If you are in the New Haven, CT area and are a TNR team or know of one that can assist, please be sure to let us know! 

The baby boy is being called Duncan in a nod to the parking lot he where was pulled from the tire. He is currently with a foster family and will be fixed when he reaches 2 months and at least 2 pounds. Duncan will then be up for adoption through the Hamden Animal Control.

Photo: Cole and Marmalade

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    • Maybe a horn is just too shocking? Plus loud in the early or late hours and would wake up all your neighbors too?

  1. The supermarket opened at 6am and I needed to get some food to take to my feral cat colony. I entered the parking lot at about 605am. When I got out of my car I recognized a small meow. I thought a momma cat had come to the parking lot for food. But couldn’t find any cats but the meow persisted. I followed the meow up to a car and looked under cat but could still hear the meow at the car. A few moments later and this little black and white kitten fell out from the rim of the front tire. I don’t know how he endured a ride like that but with no others around. That seemed like the only logical way he got there. Lucky is now ayear old and has used up one of his 9 lives also. He wasn’t hurt in his tire ride but the woman in the car said he house was less than 5 minutes away. So thankfully he only had a short trip.

  2. Such a lucky little guy. Thanks to lady who heard meows and pulled over and to the passerby and officer. There are too many similar stories. Hopefully the Mama cat and other babies can be reunited with Duncan or at least found and taken care of. Duncan is an adorable fella. I’m sure he’ll find a loving furever home quickly.

Written by JessiCAT

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