Two Curious Kittens Find Themselves In Deep Trouble After “Investigating” A Bucket Of Paint!

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Two young kittens found themselves in deep trouble when they fell into a bucket of white paint.

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

On the night of July 30th, some homeowners were painting the outside of their house when they left the large bucket unattended. A neighbor’s CCTV cameras later confirmed that the couple went into their garage for just a few minutes to grab supplies when the curious kittens approached the open container. 

It is not mentioned why the kittens were outside exploring unattended, if they were feral or if they belonged to someone.

Then as they were investigating the paint, both managed to fall into the paint bucket!

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

They were immediately rushed to nearby Bradford Cat Watch Rescue when they were discovered. The kittens were absolutely covered and dripping with white glossy paint from their heads to the tip their tails.

This was a first for the experienced shelter. Saving over 500 cats a year, never had they seen such a sight!

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

Jumping into action, they rushed the 2 kittens to their vet’s office. Both the vet and the team had no clue of the fastest and safest way to clean the paint off the kittens.

The safest option they found was to bathe the kittens in butter, but this only managed to clean off some of the paint. Even that took hours of work and 2 very scared and patient kittens.

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

Volunteers wouldn’t give up and little by little the paint is coming off. There is still a long way to go however and lots of brushing and grooming is certainly in the kittens’ futures.

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

Not only are rescuers concerned about cleaning the kittens fur though, they are both having respiratory issues from the paint fumes.

Toxicity levels from the dip they took are also unknown to date and they will continue to monitor the babies closely for any after-effects. It sadly could produce damaging liver issues after the exposure they experienced.

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens

The duo have been aptly named Dulux and Johnstone after 2 paint brands.

The all volunteer based organization are fostering the kittens during their recovery and so far they are doing well. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the lucky little explorers for any updates!

Please visit their website if you are interesting in donating to help put a dent in their current vet bill which has reached thousands of dollars. After helping Dulux and Johnstone along with all the other desperate felines in their care, they need all the support we can give!  

Photo: Screenshot of some of the adorable cats up for adoption at BCWR

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    • Wet fur will wrap around clippers. Clippers on fur with partially dried paint would be disastrous. Dawn liquid soap with lots of warm water is the way to go, (latex or oil-based).

  1. Was it oil based paint? It’s hard to find “non-latex” paint these days – but I guess it is still out there.
    Butter seems like as good a solution as any – as you would not want to use lacquer thinner on them!

  2. FYI. The blue Dawn dish washing liquid would have pulled a lot of the oil based paint off safely. They used it with wildlife when there is oil spills.

  3. OMGOSH! Those poor little angels. Be sure your paint lids are secured no matter how far away you are from the can. I’m sure you know that by now. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. Please let me know how they are doing. Thank you. I’m worried about them

  4. WHY is it that the most dangerous and or forbidden things in the world are the MOST irresistible to cats, especially kittens?

  5. Curiosity sure will get little kittens into much trouble. Poor little babies. I sure hope their little dip in the bucket doesn’t cause major health issues. I don’t know if clipping them would have helped or more damage could have been done. The clippers may have jammed or clogged up with the paint so it may not have worked very well. I certainly wish the little curious furbabies a full and speedy recovery.

  6. This is so sad. I find it incredibly stupid and insensitive to name them after something thatnearly, and could still potentially kill them! WTH!

  7. Poor babies! ?❤️❤️❤️ I hope that everything will go well for them and that they’ll fully recover from this.

  8. I imagine they named them after paint brands, because if these people don’t keep a sense of humor (even a dark one) in the day in day out care of an overload of mostly unwanted or hurt animals. They probably wouldn’t be able to do those jobs. This story is proof enough of the dedication and love they feel for the animals in their charge. I couldn’t do what they do, I wouldn’t be able to handle the emotional side, probably turn into some wacked out animal hoarder trying to save them all lol. So thank you thank you thank you all!

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