New Tempurrary Employees Find Pawffice Work Is Harder Than Expected!

The first day at a new job can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you are just a little kitten in a big “cage”!

For our friend Rebecca Williams, a dedicated fellow volunteer at Big Cat Rescue, she was happy to train some new recruits. On the recent Take Your Pet To Work Day, her office allowed her to bring in her 3 foster kittens to represent the feline work-furce. 

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Williams; “Is it break time yet?”


(Don’t fret, canines were welcomed at the company the day before to experience the joys of earning a pawcheck.)

Teaming up with the SPCA of Largo, Florida, Rebecca opened her home to the three young kittens in need of a family. Both boys, the black and white fluff-balls, Theo and Philip, were brought in when they were very little. An SPCA volunteer found them and hadn’t seen a mother cat while vigilantly monitoring them. They were underweight but thankfully very hungry, soon sporting little round bellies full of yummy food.



Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Williams; “Don’t forget the cover sheet on your TPS report”


Her solo girl of the fostered trio is Minnie, a tabby brought into the shelter covered with fleas. The poor baby girl was suffering from flea anemia and it was unsure what her chances at survival were. Marvelously, she recovered quickly.

One evening when Rebecca stopped by the shelter to pick up medication for Theo and Philip, she came home with more than expected…Minnie!

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Williams; “Rawr”ceptionist in training


When fostering kittens, it is important to introduce them to a range of people to help them stay well adjusted. So when the kittens were healthy enough to be included in the office “holiday” celebrating our loyal companions, Rebecca knew this was the purrfect way to have them interact with others.

She set them up in a play pen in her office, caving quickly and allowing them to play on her desk. They quickly proved that some traits come naturally to furbabies; running all over keyboards and calculators and pushing pens off desks. Chaotic as you can imagine!

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Williams; “Don’t steal my pen mom!”


But Rebecca’s co-workers fully appurroved of the cuddly threesome and everyone loved meeting the new recruits. However, office life was deemed just too exhausting for the temps and they decided getting jobs just wasn’t in their futures quite yet. It’ll be a great addition to their resumes though! 

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Williams; “I will require this many kisses please.”

Even though the apurrentices weren’t a purrfect fit, Rebecca admits it was a great day and a good opportunity to talk to people about how important fostering is…and see how many cat puns you can fit into an 8-hour shift! 

Thank you to Rebecca and all the fostering families out there! Adopt Don’t Shop & Spay/Neuter your pets! 

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