Tortured Black Cat Happily Accepts Love After Being Saved From Difficult Life In The Wild

A black cat living outdoors in an Eastern Washington state colony, returned home one day with unimaginable wounds. She had disappeared a few days prior and returned bleeding, with both of her ears and her tail cut off!

Photo Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


Courage, the sleek black beauty, was happily living on the property of a caring elderly gentleman. When she showed up with the shocking injuries, the clean cuts indicated these were not an accident. He immediately treated her injuries but never learned who had inflicted the awful damage.

Fortunately, her wounds healed and Courage learned to “cat” without her missing ears and tail for the next few years. But her struggles were not over.

Photos Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


The senior man was no longer able to care for the numerous cats on his property. He found that Courage had also become ill with a respiratory infection and may need medical treatment, looking like she had lost weight. Reaching out to a local private rescue group, he pleaded with them to help treat his beloved felines.

The group contacted Seattle Area Feline Rescue, located a few hours away, but a very experienced and successful organization when it comes to helping animals in need.

After hearing Courage’s story and what she has been put through in her life, the rescue couldn’t imagine saying “no” to helping her. Although their shelters are full with kitten season well underway, they quickly arranged transport and Courage arrived in their care on June 25th

Photo Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


Shelley Lawson with the rescue knows first hand how quickly outdoor colonies can become unmanageable, no matter the amount of effort. “You have cats show up, cats breed, then you have more cats. He was doing the best he could to take care of the cats on his property,” Lawson said.

Courage was examined by their veterinarian who estimates her to be about 7 years old. She is bravely battling more than one medical issue. She’s underweight, needs several teeth pulled, has ear infections in both ears and is not spayed. She is also showing a possible issue with her eyes so they are happy she will be under constant care and monitoring going forward.

Shelley has warmly welcomed Courage into her home, happy to foster such a deserving kitty. She is administering 8 different doses of medication daily to Courage! With the intense treatments she is undergoing, she won’t be able to be spayed for at least a few weeks. She will eventually be put up for adoption, but it could be months before she is ready to find her furever home.

She wasn’t too sure about the big bed in her new home at first. But after being gifted with a warm, fuzzy bed and fluffy teddy bear of her own to snuggle with, we believe Courage is just fine with this arrangement!

Photos Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


Posing for pictures, you can even see some Tortie and chocolate coloring in her beautiful coat. 

Photo Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


“She is absolutely delightful; a resilient little spirit with a big purr motor. Although what she suffered is unimaginable, she is still so trusting and friendly.”

Her missing ears and tail don’t stop her one bit from enjoying a quality head or “backside” scratch from her foster mom!


Throughout all the unknown terrors and sad circumstances Courage has endured, she is clearly surrounded by gentle, caring people and is learning to trust. 

The rescue team purrfectly states that “Courage is stronger than the person who hurt her, and so is our wonderful, compassionate community of cat lovers!”

Without the generous contributions from their supporters, they know covering Courage’s expensive ongoing, medical costs wouldn’t be possible.

Photo Courtesy of: Shelley Lawson; Seattle Area Feline Rescue


Shelley gratefully admits that, “Here in Seattle we’re fortunate — we have really strong spay and neuter programs and a lot of adopters. Sometimes there’s more adopters than cats. Usually we take in cats every week from the Yakima area. We have so many adopters, we’re able to reach a little further”.

Be sure to follow #CourageKitty for updates on this fearless feline. 

If anyone is interested in helping with the care of Courage and other special needs kitties like her, here’s the link to their medical fund:

Once she has fully recovered, they’ll be listing Courage for adoption and if anyone is interested in adopting her, please email

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  1. My heart broke to milion pieces
    How could one do such a thing to a living creature?
    Just how?
    I want her story to rewind and change.

  2. Who ever tortured this sweet baby can burn in hell!!! I hope karma gets a thousand fold. If I lived in the area, I’d adopt her in a heartbeat!!!

  3. Why is it that vets don’t offer their services for free to help these injured animals? Why is it a lot of money has to be raised to get things done? If i were a vet i would would take care of these injured animals for free. It’s to bad everything is about the almighty dollar!

    • I think a lot of vets do have arrangements with charities local to them. But even when the vet offers their time for free, medication still has to be bought from pharmacies etc.

  4. A thousand blessings to everyone who has helped this wonderful cat and her colony – from the older gentleman to her current foster. “Courage” doesn’t begin to describe her inner being. Animals sefinitely have souls – and clearly not all “humans” do !

  5. 😱😭😭😰🙀😿😾😭😭😢😭😭😿😾🙀😭
    The kind gentleman does his best to care for the babies but a cruel beast had to torture this black panther beauty. Most sincere gratitude to the gentleman for his care and concern also for asking for help when needed. The same gratitude for all those who helped or are helping. I hope that all of this gentleman’s cares are taken care of. Such an incredible foster home Courage has found. It breaks my heart 💔 to see Courage’s situation she was in. Immense gratitude for all those involved in helping Courage. I would absolutely love to adopt Courage but it sounds like there won’t be any shortage of potential adopters. May Courage recover fully and quickly. Courage is an incredible Kitty. Courage deserves the best furever home possible. All my best is sent to Courage.

  6. Shelley, you deserve more blessing than I can count!! My heart breaks and the waterworks wouldn’t stop as I read this post.
    You are an absolute angel and I know you you insure Courage will get a loving family to treat her and provide all she needs ♥️😻

  7. Shelley, you deserve more blessings than I can count!! My heart breaks and the waterworks wouldn’t stop as I read this post.
    You are an absolute angel and I know you will insure Courage gets a loving family to treat her and provide all she needs ♥️😻

  8. I am so happy Kitty is being treated with such love and affection, and that her trust and spirit hasnt been shattered by her awful experience. Beautiful girl and wonderful Shelley x

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