Is Your Cat Happy?

Tips to make sure your cat is living their best nine lives! Written By: Nicola Traynor

Having a cat around sure might make you happy; but is your cat happy? Here’s how to tell, as well as some tips to make sure your cat is living their best nine lives.

Is your cat happy?

One of the signs your cat is happy is a good appetite. Are they eating a normal amount of food each day? Refer to this helpful guide on Catster to make sure you’re giving your cat the recommended amount of food, or talk to your vet!

If your cat is eating too much or too little, that can be a sign of boredom or loneliness. Pay attention to your cat’s eating habits for signs of any sudden shifts in appetite.

Much like humans, it’s good that they get plenty of sleep, but not too much! The recommended amount of sleep varies depending on age and activity level, so pay attention to any trends or shifts in how much they’re sleeping. If they’re not getting enough sleep, it may be a sign of physical discomfort or other issues. If they’re oversleeping, they could be bored, lonely, or sad.

It’s also a good idea to check with your vet to make sure your cat is generally in good health, as problems with breathing and other physical ailments can negatively impact your cat’s happiness.

It’s a good sign if your cat is taking care of themselves and cleaning themselves regularly.

Ever find yourself getting a little grungy when your mood isn’t great? Much like humans, an unhappy cat might let their grooming habits slide.

A happy cat is also a well-behaved cat, and more likely to use their litter box properly. If your cat starts having accidents in the house, it could be a sign of unhappiness, or a physical issue. If accidents start happening often, you may want to contact your vet.

You can also pick up on your cat’s mood simply by observing their behavior. If they’re purring, that’s a pretty good sign they’re doing well. If they seem relaxed or playful, that’s also a good sign. Signs of affection such as rubbing against you or responding well to petting also indicate a happy cat.

When your cat greets you as soon as you wake up or come home, that’s also a good sign. If your cat isn’t happy, they’re probably not that happy with you either!

So now you know some of the signs of a happy, and unhappy, cat. What can you do to make sure your cat is happy?

Tips for a happy kitty:

  1. Play time!

One of the most important tips to keep your cat happy is to play with them. This provides mental and physical stimulation, and it’s just plain fun for them! Try out different types of toys, and figure out what sorts of activities your cat prefers. For lots of fun toys for your cats, check out our Amazon favorites page! 

  1. Room to climb

Spaces for climbing and play also allow your cat to stay physically active. Cat trees or kitty condos are a great option, especially for more playful or adventurous cats. Boxes can also be a good option for climbing around if you’re not looking to invest in a tree.

  1. A clean house and litter box

Cats prefer to keep themselves clean, and they’ll want you to help out too! Make sure to clean their litter boxes regularly, and try to keep your home clean too. Objects like the Litter Robot can be a big help in keeping your litter box clean.

  1. Stuff to scratch

Scratching is a normal and healthy thing for cats to do, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to sacrifice your couch in the process! Scratching posts are a great option, and are also usually included on any cat condos. Scratch pads are also a good option if you need to save some space, and they even have some fun creative options! 

  1. Spend some quality time with them

If your cat’s feeling lonely, they won’t be too happy with you. Try to make sure they get some human love! If you’re working long hours, maybe ask a friend to check on them or play with them during the day. Or if you’re also looking for some cat love in your life, consider adopting! Local animal shelters are a great spot to expand your cat family. Sites like Petfinder can also be a great online option if you’re looking to adopt. #Adopt Don’t Shop!

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