PROOF Men Around The World Finally Accepted By Cats; Love Freely Given & Received!

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Search for “guys and cats” and you’ll get more than 20,000 results! Books, calendars and apparel are available featuring men and cats posing for funny, sexy or often silly photo shoots. books – find them on our Cole and Marmalade Influencer page link above!

But what is it REALLY like to be a cat guy?

It’s getting up at all hours of the night because your significant other is too grossed out to clean up the cat puke.

It is finding yourself wrapped around and at the mercy of a fluffy tail, losing the abilty to say “no” and replying to their meows with your full attention and desire to please them.

It’s dancing like a fool, alone with your cat on a “Furiday” night while they stare at you like the cute girl in the bar last week did…utterly baffled by your lack of rhythm.

It’s opening your heart and letting your guard down in front of 10 pounds of fluffy judgmental cattitude.

Credit: Cole and Marmalade. Chris just lounging around in his usual attire.


And true cat men are purrfectly happy with accepting this fate.

Cats around the world have graciously allowed men into their presence, showing them the love they deserve.

Rough, scratchy chins are perfect for dual head rubs and scratches.

Higher body temperatures are an ideal heating pad or warm sunspot substitute.

Goofy, somewhat adolescent-like personalities, are excellent for playtime that almost always leads to nap time.

Credit: Cole and Marmalade. Chris and Cole snuggling


With the ameowzing chemistry between man and cat, it’s no wonder more and more men are proudly admitting their love of felines…and cats are thanking them adorably. Makes for the purrfect videos! <3

Happy Fathers Day to all the cool cat dads out there! Thank you for being you =)

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