Dog Living At Cat Sanctuary Opens Her Heart To All; Finds Love Again

The Cat Man Of Aleppo Continues His Selfless Mission In Syria

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee

A very special dog living outside a cat sanctuary never gives up on love. 

Just 3 weeks ago, we shared the story of two unlikely friends that had found each other in war ravaged Syria, dog Amira and kitten Junior.

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. Amira and Junior lounging at sanctuary.


Amira’s life has been one of heartbreak and loss, but with the help of an inspiring man, Mohammad Alaa Jalee, better known as The Cat Man of Aleppo, she has been given the love she so desires.

Unfortunately, not all the rescued souls born into this difficult life stay with us as long as we want them too. On May 30th, Alaa shared a devastating update on the groups Facebook page about the duo.

Dear group.
We have come through war and explosions and such bad times that we couldn’t see the way ahead. We came through and we carried on always with light at the end of the tunnel and our hearts and minds set on happier days.

But there are some days when we feel so sad and despondent that the way ahead suddenly becomes dark again. We have to inform you that this morning, our sweet little Junior was found dead, and we are so hurt and upset that we still cannot prevent the deaths of some of our kittens.

In the last few weeks the kittens have had the best care that our team at Ernestos can provide. They have all had regular health checks from Dr Yoossef. They have had the finest food that we can provide and so much love and attention. We are still not able to provide the inoculations that we think might save more of our babies and this is a great sadness for us.

All of the Il Gattaro team are heart broken at the loss of our little star. Please join with us in remembering him with love. We are so sorry that we have to bring you this news.
Rest in peace little Junior. Fly free little star.”

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. RIP beautiful baby Junior.


The life of a rescuer doesn’t allow for time off to grieve however, and the very next day, fate brought a new soul in need of saving to their doorstep.

A puppy was found abandoned in a barrel of diesel fuel!

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee


The team worked diligently to wash and cleanse the young pup of the thick black muck. Thankfully, he had no other signs of trauma or injuries. 

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee

The new pup was named Henry.

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. Henry a bit unsure about his future, little does he know what’s in store for him!


Three days later, once he was checked out by a veterinarian and had many more baths, lonely Henry met Amira. Workers hoped this was destiny for Amira and the new puppy would be a comfort to her in her time of loss.

Posted by Alaa and house of Cats Ernesto in Aleppo on Sunday, June 3, 2018


Amira was a bit hesitant at first, sniffing at the small puppy. So used to the scent of cats and kittens, she may not have recognized her own kind! But the two soon realized they were special in their own rights and bonded. Amira even shares her beloved teddy bears with her new foster baby now.

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. Henry taking one of Amira’s stuffed bears for a walk.


The pup who needed a mom and the dog whose heart opens to all, found love in each other. Now they spend their time outside the cat sanctuary, guarding their feline extended family as a happy pair.

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. Amira comforts Henry during his first days at the sanctuary.

Look at the twinkle in Amira’s eyes again!  

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee
Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee


We wish these two cuties a long and happy life together, cherishing every moment of time spent together! 

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee


As for the cats, kittens and all other animals that are being rescued EVERY day by dedicated volunteers and workers at the House of Cats Ernesto, may you all live out your lives in peace, health and happiness! Thank you to the selfless humans for the continued work you’re doing in a seemingly hopeless environment!

Photo Credit: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Mohammad Alaa Jalee. Sanctuary Entrance

For those questioning the lack of vaccinations, the shelter explains the hardships relating to these lifesaving medications below. For more information or to show your support, please follow their Facebook page here


To answer those questions about getting vaccines to the sanctuary it is, at this time, impossible for the following reasons:

(1) The borders into the area of Syria where the sanctuary is located are closed. (2) There are sanctions against animal medicines entering Syria. (3) There is no refrigeration at the sanctuary.

From the time a vaccine leaves the manufacturer to the time it is injected into the animal vaccines cannot be exposed to light, heat, or excessive cold. “Virtually all vaccines used in small and large animal veterinary medicine, including lyophilized (freeze-dried) and liquid forms, must be stored in the dark between 35°F (2°C) and 45°F (7°C)”. Thank you for your understanding.

There remains a constant financial need for anesthesia and other medicines when they can be acquired and, of course, the need for nutritious food to keep the animals as healthy as possible.”

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  1. Chris, Jess, thank you. I appreciate and admire what you do, that you decided to take care not only about your two boys, but to become the advocates for needy animals all over the world. I bet it not only cost you money, but often time and stress. And I bet often we, your fans, are totally unaware of how much effort did one vid require. And probably there are all those hopeless cases, when you are told of suffering you cannot stop (even though you wish you could).
    I’m thinking about all that today, since I remember when I wrote to you about Catman of Aleppo, asking for an article or mention in you tweets. You might be receiving thousands of such questions every day – yet here he is. Catman of Aleppo. Thank you. We may not end the war in Syria, we may not change other world issues, but I want to believe we can do our bit.
    Thank you. Thank you, guys. <3

  2. Thank you for this wonderful story about Alaa and his sanctuary. I’ve been a member of his support group since February 2016 and can tell you that Alaa, his team in Syria, and the members of his worldwide support group on Facebook, Il Gattaro d’Aleppo are amazing. Alaa has compassion for all animals and also has built a playground for children where they can interact with the animals, play, and forget the terrible war. Thank you again for taking your time to write this story and for caring.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful story about our beloved sanctuary. We hope many people read this story and join in supporting Alaa and all the animals. Thank you also for answering basic questions about the situation there. Peace to all and love.

    • Thank you! Peace and love back to you and everyone involved in your lifesaving work – give those animals some love from the CaM Fam!

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