Special Cat Loving Couple Get Married In The Most Purrfect LoCATion Possible

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A lovely (and may we say brilliant!) couple recently married at a unique venue. The couple tied the knot in one of their favorite places…a local cat cafe! Now marriage ceremonies SHOULD celebrate the couple’s personality, or purrsonality in this case. And it should be a day of joyful memories and full hearts. But where can you find just the right “catmosphere” for your big day?

Well, what better place for two ailurophiles to get married than a cat cafe?!

Josh and Maria McIntyre; Credit: Instagram @ColonyCatCafe

Colony Cafe, located in Pittsburgh, PA, houses some of the city’s at-risk cats in their Cat Loft. These lucky cats are visited by patrons in the cafe and ideally find their purrfect match in an adopter.

The cafe has partnered with a local organization, Animal Friends. Through them, they the take cats who have been sterilized, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Then it’s as simple as letting adopters fall in love with the felines while visiting the cafe. Just be sure if you plan on visiting, you make a reservation and don’t drop in between 2:00-3:00 pm when they’re closed for a “cat nap”!

On May 19th 2018 however, Colony Cats hosted their first event of another kind. The two 23 year olds, Josh and Maria McIntyre, held a beautiful self-uniting ceremony, surrounded by some of their favorite 4 legged friends. The state of Pennsylvania allows couples to indulge in this low pressure, casual marriage without the fuss and stress of traditional marriage celebrations. What’s more stress free than being surrounded by chill cats?

Sealed with a kiss; Credit: Instagram @ColonyCatCafe

Doning casual attire in lieu of formal threads meant they could accent it with cat fur without the worry of rental tux deposits and expensive gowns. Cautious of their fur-guests natural curiosity, the couple were illuminated by flameless LED candles and twinkle lights.

Apparently the married couple know their guests very well…

Wedding guest attacks the table displays; Open Nip bar? Photo credit: theinline.com

The cats in attendance were well behaved and a few casually napped throughout the ceremony. Obviously saving their strength for the reception and dinner!

Josh admits and neither he nor Maria are fans of large events or fancy parties. The young couple were originally going marry at Point State Park or Mount Washington, both beautiful locations for small ceremonies.

Credit: Facebook – Point State Park, PA; Gorgeous Red Bud Tree in Bloom

That would then be followed by drinks at the cafe. When a casual conversation with the cafe owner Sue turned to the wedding plans, they were happy to learn the cafe was interested in hosting their vows too! Colony cafe states they’ve had proposals and held bachelorette parties, but we’re hoping these aren’t the first and only vows exchanged in the location. 

"Food, wine, beer, and cats all in one. Could it get any better?", asks Josh. 
“Time Spent With Cats, Is Never Wasted” Sigmund Freud plaque highlights the couples philosophy; Credit: Instagram @ColonyCatCafe

With an average of 2.4 million weddings performed in the U.S. EACH year, there must be more cat loving couples who’d prefur this for their special day!

Ending the night thanking their “grooms”cats and “furides”maids, the couple set off on the ideal honeymoon destination (in our highly biased opinions)…being home with their own 3 rescued cats, Sam, Linus and Tiny. 

The newlyweds visiting with the attendees; Credit: Instagram @ColonyCatCafe

You’d think 2 people who married in a cat cafe were ALWAYS cat people. But surprisingly, neither of them were raised with family cats. Maria’s family had dogs and reptiles throughout her childhood. And Josh didn’t get his first cat until after he graduated high school!

In proper cat fashion, his family was “chosen” to be cat servants.

My dad and brother found a kitten in the middle of the road in a rainstorm one night. Being the caring guy that he is, my Dad knew he had to help and we all became attached very quickly. Ping is around 5 now and my parents love him so much. 

Proudly sharing the stories of their fur babies, (like any good cat servants do), Josh recalled the tales on how the couple became cat parents.

Photos courtesy Josh & Maria McIntyre; L to R: Tiny, Samson & Linus

Samson was adopted through Facebook when Maria was living in her first apartment. He took a lot of loving from Maria to get comfortable because he is a bit timid and skittish. He is her special boy!

Linus was adopted from the Westmoreland Humane society. We went looking for a kitten, but none were available. When we went to the adult cats, Linus plopped down on both of our laps the whole time we were there and we just had to bring him home!

Tiny was also adopted from the Humane Society as a kitten. The person working there said he was the “bad one”, which turned out to be true. He is named tiny from his kitten days, but is now the biggest and most ornery in the house.

The newlyweds will continue to support the work that Colony Cat Cafe do for the community. And they are more than happy to frequent the establishment on future date nights.

We want to wish the married couple congratulations and cheers to many more wonderful years to come!

Has anyone else decided this is the purrfect way to celebrate their partnership now? Perhaps you can renew your “meows”?! Contact your local cat cafe now!!!


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