Cat “Blinded” By Mange Is Rescued; Amazes Everyone With His Unique Eyes! (WITH VIDEO & UPDATES!)

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In March of 2017, a filthy, dirt covered cat was found wandering alone in Southern Florida.

A concerned homeowner in Royal Palm Beach, FL discovered the unfortunate cat near his home.

The cat was clearly suffering from mange, a skin condition caused by parasites. It effects mammals and usually causes itching, possible hair loss, scab and lesions.

Although the caring resident couldn’t take the cat into their home, he refused to leave the suffering cat to the elements.

The feline was ravenous and gobbled down food. He even walked right into a carrier on his own to reach the kibble.

Upon close inspection, they realized the mange was so bad it had caused the cats eyes to crust over completely!

The poor cat was essentially blind.

Through Facebook, a local rescue group Animal Friends Project, learned of the cat and offered to assist.

Carmen Morales Weinberg, who runs the group, picked up the cat the following day and immediately went to the vet.

It was confirmed to be mange and he was also very dehydrated, obviously suffering from malnutrition.

No one could know just how long the cat had been roaming blindly.


They named the boy Cotton and gave him the medical attention he so desperately needed.

He received antibiotics, flea treatment, fluids and a full exam.

Surprising everyone, he purred through the entire visit! This was a great sign.

Fortunately, Carmen had space in her home to monitor Cotton’s recovery.

Cotton began the healing process and after only a few days, the crust cleared from his eyes.

Everyone was shocked when he finally opened his eyes!

He had heterochromia iridum resulting in one beautiful blue eye and one mesmerizing gold eye.

His gorgeous snowy white fur coat began to grow back.

Cotton regained his appetite and got to a healthy weight.

He bonded closely with Carmen’s family and loved to be right near them at all times.

He vocally expressed his gratitude and begged for attention from his rescuers.


Cotton was actually found to have been micro-chipped.

Tracking down his former owner, Animal Friends Project learned that he had gotten out “a while ago”.

Unfortunately the owner was not able to care for Cotton any longer and declined to take him back. 

Cotton has found his furever home with Carmen and her family.

She says she “did not have the heart to send him to a new home where he had to get used to new people. He is very attached to me ? and wants to know where I am in the house at all times.

While still occasionally suffering from rashes on his head and ears, they are quickly treated and disappear.

Cotton has learned to be very affectionate and even gives kisses willingly! How many cats do that?! 

He enjoys scaling the plants in the house; perhaps a nod to his previous outdoor journey.

Overall he has taken very well to life inside.

Posted by Carmen Morales Weinberg on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Seems that even though Cotton experienced a mysterious and difficult voyage, a better life thankfully found him.

Click HERE to learn more about the Animal Friends Project organization and how you can help!


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