Britain’s Oldest Cat Celebrates 30th Birthday!

What’s The Secret To Long Feline Life?!

Credit: / City Vets

Rubble the Cat has a LOT to celebrate this year. He just turned 30!

Making his home in the U.K. with his cat servant, Michele Foster, the loyal pair have shared this holiday since her 20th birthday!

She recalls, “He was part of a litter that my sister’s friends cat had and I had just left home. I was lonely living on my own so got him as a kitten. It was in May 1988.”

This year Rubble now ties with the current former record holder for the world’s oldest cat.

No one ever expects this well earned title, but all pet owners would be more than happy to be in the running. Michele never had human children and attributes this to why Rubble has purr-haps lived this long. Uninterrupted attention =)

The long haired orange and white fluffy Maine Coon is in extremely good health for his age, reports his doctor. They state Rubble only takes medication for his high blood pressure. He has been alive almost as long as his veterinarian Shaun Moore, owner of City Vets, has been practicing!

In human years, Rubble’s age is the equivalent of a 137 year old man. Michele admits that he does get a bit grumpy in his old age, but we all have grouchy days don’t we?

For the celebration, “He enjoyed a free check up, some Whiskas Catmilk and Felix pouches, and less appreciated… a free supply of medication for the next month as his birthday present from City Vets,” Moore said.

Credit: / City Vets

Although Michele doesn’t want Rubble to necessarily become a celebrity, the world may have other ideas. There are NO plans to introduce Rubble to the spotlight personally, but the story has spread worldwide. No one wants to disrupt their peaceful lifestyle that has endured, but the world is wishing Rubble continued good health for many years to come.

“If you care about something, no matter what it is, it does last.” – Michele Foster

According to the Guinness World Records website, the oldest cat ever is Creme Puff. She was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 – an amazing 38 years and 3 days! Creme Puff lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA.

Creme Puff

Jake Perry was also the owner of Grandpa Rex Allen, the previous holder. Grandpa Rex was also named the Cats & Kittens 1999 Cat of the Year.

Numerous articles and studies have been done with Mr. Perry to try to uncover his secrets. Although what may work for some, doesn’t work for all, his daily routines are interesting all the same!

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