911 Call Leads Seattle Officer To Rescuing Kitten Being Thrown In The Air!

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In Seattle’s Lake Union neighborhood, a south side feral kitten was in dire need of assistance.

911 operators received a call on Saturday night around 8:00pm, a woman frantically reported that a man was “throwing a kitten on the pavement”.

The women had cautiously approached the man who was high on methamphetamine and throwing bottles. When she had spotted the kitten she knew no matter the danger, she needed to intervene.

She offered the dangerous man $100 for the feline but he refused and began throwing bottles at her!

Police arrived shortly after and arrested the 33 year old man. Luckily the kitten was not harmed during the arrest.

Officer Oliver Murphy placed the visibly shaken kitten in his police cruiser, out of harms way. The tiny furball did not have any obvious signs of trauma thankfully and did not run from it’s rescuers.

Once the man had been taken into custody, Officer Murphy checked on the kitten, reassuring it with a soothing heroic voice and gentle petting. His body camera captured the interaction, which has caught the attention of the cat community around the nation. 

The brave woman had remained at the scene to ensure the dire situation of the kitten was resolved. She worriedly asked police if they were going to return the kitten to the man, asking “There’s no way you’re giving this cat back to him is there?”

“Are you kidding me? I’m a vegan”, Officer Murphy said.

The kitten was taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter to be sure there was no internal damage inflicted. All checked out positively and the kitten has already been placed with a loving foster family.

The Seattle Police Department Blotter reported that “The suspect was booked for assault and animal cruelty.”

Twitter followers of the SPD reacted to the tweet with support and thanks complete with expected cat puns.

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  1. People who will do this to a kitten will also do it to a human being. This guy’s excuse will be “Oh, I was stoned. I didn’t know what I was doing!” The one I dealt with said ” you made me mad, so I killed that nasty cat of yours! “

  2. Okay, but why did they feel the need to mention he was vegan? That actually very stereotyping. Like, him being vegan had something to do with helping this kitten? Because it was the woman who intervened. I know this shouldn’t be my main issue but I feel it also represents how people are presented in the media today.

  3. I never will underestimate the GOODNESS OF people. Please Thank the officer for his good heart.

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