Flora the Malamute Loves Her Felines

Big Love Comes In All Sizes!

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What do a 120 pound Malamute and a litter of foster kittens have in common? NOTHING! Sounds like the start of a bad joke but in reality these oddly matched fur babies have found comfort in shared companionship together.

Flora is a rescued Malamute from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, who has found her heart overflowing with the love received from an unexpected friend. As many heartwarming stories begin with a loss and overcoming difficulties, this is no different.

Flora’s family opened their home to Dexter, a 20 year old cat from the Best Friends shelter where they had rescued her. Knowing this senior cat may not have a long life ahead of him, they were dedicated to making sure it was of the best quality! Flora and Dexter loved sharing every moment of their precious lives together.

Unfortunately their time together ended after 2 years of sharing furry snuggles and Dexter crossed the rainbow bridge. Flora and the family were devastated. The caring canine began to withdraw from the family, pacing and howling which was not within the norm.

The family knew they had to do something to help her mend her over sized heart. They adopted 2 cats from the shelter but they weren’t as quite as cuddly with Flora as Dexter had been.

Then they came up with a plan that hopefully would be dual success; fostering kittens! This would teach the children the benefits of fostering needy animals and allow Flora to express her maternal and delicate nature.

Four tiny foster kittens were brought into the home; Iggy, Bowie, Roxy, and Glamour. You could literally see the smile on Flora’s face!

The fearless kittens sauntered right up to the over-sized canine who greeted them with an open-heart, nose to nose welcome. Flora was back to her old self again and couldn’t be happier than when she’s covered with kittens!

Flora’s fosters have been given the opportunity to be fostered by this unique fluffy soul which will help socialize them, increasing their chances to become the purrfectly adjusted cats.

As difficult as letting go of fostered animals can be, these 4 kittens have found their furever homes. Flora and her family can take comfort in knowing they helped another feline get a chance at a wonderful life. You can be certain there will be many more fosters in Flora’s life!

Follow her adventures and amazing stories on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/florathemalamute/

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