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  • Orphaned Kitten Finds Adopted “Mom” In Unlikely Canine Companion

    Friendships can form in the unlikeliest places. War torn Syria is where these two lonely souls found each other. Mohammad Alaa Jalee, better known as The Cat Man of Aleppo has dedicated his life to the animals effected by the war. He discovered a loving stray dog named Amira, lonely and very pregnant on the […] More

  • Flora the Malamute Loves Her Felines

    What do a 120 pound Malamute and a litter of foster kittens have in common? NOTHING! Sounds like the start of a bad joke but in reality these oddly matched fur babies have found comfort in shared companionship together. Flora is a rescued Malamute from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, who has found her […] More

  • Lilo The Husky Dog LOVES Kittens!

    This pooch makes the purr-fect foster parent…meet Lilo the Husky Dog! “Our morning routine! Our foster kittens sleep in a playpen at night so they don’t get into any mischief, but Lilo and Rosie always greet them every morning! Fudge, Mint, and Waffle are still up for adoption! Please visit @minicattown for more info! Disclaimer: […] More