Orphaned Kitten Finds Adopted “Mom” In Unlikely Canine Companion

The Cat Man of Aleppo

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Friendships can form in the unlikeliest places. War torn Syria is where these two lonely souls found each other.

Mohammad Alaa Jalee, better known as The Cat Man of Aleppo has dedicated his life to the animals effected by the war.

He discovered a loving stray dog named Amira, lonely and very pregnant on the streets.

Because his sanctuary primarily cares for over 80 felines, he couldn’t bring the canine into the location. Selflessly, he turned over his room to the needy dog to provide her with the comfort she needed.

Unfortunately, tragedy befell her and all 3 of her puppies were stillborn.

Amira was heartbroken and her only comfort was in small stuffed teddy bears given to her. She finds peace guarding the entrance of the sanctuary with her beloved toys.

During this time, Alaa also rescued a tiny feline fur-ball named Junior. Junior had lost his family and lacked the bonding experience kittens desire. The young orphan was soon thriving in the sanctuary and made many new friends.

Noticing Amira and her teddy bears, fearless Junior approached the mourning dog. The two instantly hit it off!

The unique duo were discovered snuggling by the over joyed sanctuary helpers.

Junior captured Amira’s heart and he enjoys “mountain climbing” up her furry body. Amira doesn’t mind one bit! She even seems to be smiling =)

Although Amira doesn’t officially live at the location, she visits numerous times each week. She and Junior meet at the entrance where their loving friendship began. They share meals, playtime and well earned naps.

Nothing is more heartwarming and hopeful then a tale of love and companionship in the middle of the war ravaged country.

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