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  • Oldest Living Cat In The US Celebrates His 31st Birthday

    For any cat owner, all we wish for is that our cats’ live a long and healthy life. While we know that exclusively indoor felines generally have a longer lifespan, on average a cat’s lifespan is between 12-18 years of age. But it comes as no surprise that many cat owners have reported that their […] More

  • Meet Garlic, China’s First Cloned Cat

    Technology has hit a new milestone as China welcomes the country’s first cloned cat. According to the Chinese news outlet, The Global Times, Businessman Huang Yu was devastated when his British shorthair kitty named Garlic passed away from a urinary tract infection. Feeling like no pet could replace his favorite feline, he decided to pay […] More

  • Target Is Selling Cardboard Haunted Mansions For Cats

    I think it goes without saying that many of us avoid Target for the reason being that we will likely overspend…like a lot. Whether you call it Target or “Tarjay”, it’s an awesome store that has just about anything and everything you didn’t know you needed. But now, cat lovers, there is something that you […] More