Beloved Police Cat’s Eviction Sends Small Town Into A Frenzy

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For a stray cat, I imagine the thought of a home to call their own is on the forefront of their minds. A place where they are safe, with a nice warm bed, an endless supply of food, and the chance to stay with the people they grow to love—forever. And that’s what Sarge Butters, full name Sergeant Butterscotch, a ginger tabby out of Mocksville, NC, got. He was rescued as a stray cat and made the honorary police cat of the Mocksville Police Department in the summer of 2018. But now, Sarge is facing a new obstacle–eviction.

Each day, he’s enjoys his time with lots of love and affection from the men and women of the department. He garnered attention from continuous image shares on social media of his daily activities. His many “contributions” to the department, even earned him his very own Facebook page dedicated to all things Sarge Butters.

Just as cats do, he wandered right in and made himself home. And there were no objections. That is, until now.

Sarge Butters is being forced to comply with an eviction from the station. And the townspeople of Mocksville are not having it!

It was speculated that Sarge was receiving the boot after complaints and concerns from a pregnant woman on the MPD team. But after further investigation into the matter, it seems there is more to the story that we do not know.

But whatever the real reason behind Sarge Butters’ removal from the station, the people of Mocksville want answers—and now. And not only this, but they want Sarge to stay put where they feel he belongs. Several members of the community have taken to social media. They’ve reached out to various websites that cover news stories, and even the news itself to make their voice heard. even reported on the story, reminding everyone just what Sarge has done for the town. 

Sgt. Butters has been credited with helping to restore the department’s tarnished image. After a jury awarded $4.1 million in damages to three former officers. [They] said two town officials fired them in 2011 for reporting allegations of corruptions to state officials.

The townspeople of Mocksville have made their own online petition and a Facebook page dedicated to letting Sgt. Butters avoid the eviction…

The Save Sarge Butters Facebook page reads:

Save Sarge Butters! The Town Board of Mocksville has ordered the Mocksville Police Department to remove Sarge Butters from the department and remove his Facebook page. The town has said that the Facebook page is unprofessional!

We are trying to get the story out to as many people and news outlets as possible to convince the town to allow Sarge Butters to continue his good work in the community! Please help us convince my hometown of Mocksville, NC that a little happiness goes a long way! #SaveSargeButters

Sarge, from day 1 to just recently. Clearly he takes up a little more room on the desk…

And here, back in happier times. We’re sure that many of the people at the Mocksville Police Department miss him dearly…

Here he is with another fluffy ball of inspurration the feline-loving MPD saved. Little Pawfficer Moxie now fulfills her duties as a therapy cat at the Dragonfly House, a children’s advocacy center in Mocksville. (Read her story at the end of this article!)

Thank you to everyone who inquired about adopting Pawfficer Moxie. We couldn’t bear to see her go too far, so Chief Reagan & his family have adopted her into their home!

Decisions on the ginger tabby’s eviction should be made official this week.

And if the good people of Mocksville have anything to do about it, Sarge Butters will be returning to his home, forever.
We will keep you posted with the latest updates on the case of this ginger tabby who has clearly earned the love of an entire community, and it seems, the world. If you’d like to sign the petition for Sarge Butters, you can do so by clicking here.
Story written in conjunction with Catitude Daily – Modi Ramos



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