Tabby Cat Leads A Double Life Of Adventure Every Time He Leaves Home

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With the massive success of the Secret Life of Pets franchise, it’s true that many of us pet owners have often wondered what it is that our pets do all day long when we are away. And for those of us who allow our cats to travel outdoors, our minds wonder even more. Where do they go? Who do they meet? Do they have cat friends? Do other people feed them? These are just a few of the money questions that riddle our brains. For one tabby cat out of Scotland, it seems that he’s taken his freedom to new and exciting extremes.

When he’s not at home with his senior humans, it seems that George the cat hops on buses and trains and makes his way across the country.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve heard of naughty cats in the past, but I must say, this is a first even for me!

It seems that local news have started to catch wind of George’s routine escapades, and he’s garnered many fans and admirers. His loving humans, Dennis and Elizabeth Royal, said that their seven-year-old rescue cat used to leave home each day, but that George always returned back after three hours time. It wasn’t until he didn’t return home per usual one day that they started to wonder where it is that their feline actually goes. Spoiler alert: he was 14 miles away after hitching a ride!

George the cat with his owners

Coincidentally, it wasn’t until Mrs. Royal set up a Facebook page for George about three months ago that she learned just how popular her feline friend was:

“People seem to love him, he certainly has a lot of followers…That’s how I started finding out about his weird adventures and how popular he is. Everyone knows him.”

George making his way into a local corner store, just doin’ his thang!

It seems that George the tabby cat has been spotted hitching bus rides, train rides, crashing kids’ birthday parties, attempting to tag along for school field trips, showing up at a local chapel, and even jumping into cars with people. 

“The local primary school had a trip to the safari park. I am not sure how but George managed to sneak into the bus and fortunately the bus stopped and chucked him out before arriving there.”

George photographed out during some of his excursions

And when George is home, it seems that he is loving and loyal to the humans who rescued him (particularly his cat dad) and allow him to go out on his many adventures. According to Mrs. Royal, Dennis is his person:”George lies on his knee and they fall asleep together.”

When asked by Metro why it is that her tabby cat would act such a way, Mrs. Royal thinks her cat simply has an interest in adventure and loves the attention that he gets:

He is certainly a cat that enjoys travelling… You never know where he is going, we just find out once he has been caught. He loves to be stroked and picked up by people. He’s such a funny character.”

George trying to hitch a ride and hopping into a local pub

Their daughter, Jackie Hood, tells Helensburgh Advisor about how their cat came into their lives, you know, before he started leading a double one! It seems that her parents rescued him in 2009 to give her father who suffers from dementia something to bring him happiness each day:

“George gives him a lot of pleasure and is something for him to focus on as he is housebound. For the first few years George was just a normal cat – a bit bitey and aloof in the house. However, about a year ago people started taking him to the vet as they thought he was a stray, or abandoned, or lost. There was the odd post on the ‘Helensburgh Community Opinion’ page along the lines of ‘does anyone recognise this cat?’

But then shortly after, George started to set his sights on bigger adventure:

“A few months ago, the vet called again to say someone had brought George in. Mum went to get him and the very next day the vet called again. George had just gone around himself and gone in to say hello!”

And, as they say, the rest is history!

Out on the town

If you’d like to follow George the Helensburgh Cat on Facebook, you can do so here. He could easily be labeled as the most famous cat in Scotland, and something tells me that his crazy cat antics will soon win him fans across the globe. I know he’s got one here in Texas, USA now for sure! 🙂 


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